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1000+ Traffic Deaths In Illinois In 2017 – What It Means For Motorists

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) recently shared some distressing news: for the second year in a row, more than 1,000 people were killed in traffic accidents on our roads.

IDOT’s preliminary figures show that 1,080 people lost their lives in Illinois crashes in 2017. This is the latest in what is apparently a continuous rise in traffic fatalities in Illinois. In 2014, there were 924; in 2015, 998; and in 2016, there were 1,078 crash fatalities.

Why Are There More Crash Fatalities In Illinois?

The IDOT admitted that distracted driving is still a concern that is difficult to detect. But aside from that, the department highlighted the increase in motorcycle deaths. There were 158 motorcycle accident fatalities in the state in 2017, which is four more than in 2016, and 40 more than in 2014.

This goes with the lack of a motorcycle helmet law in the state. Numerous studies have found that the wearing of motorcycle helmets significantly reduces the risk of fatal injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even acknowledges that helmets reduce the risk of motorcycle crash deaths by 37 percent.

Beyond bike laws, the increase in traffic deaths also seems to correlate with the increase in our state’s speed limit. Illinois changed its speed limit to 70 mph from 65 in 2014. This, combined with the overall increase of cars on the road, can invite more danger than ever before.

As of now, the IDOT is planning a renewed public safety campaign as well as traffic enforcement patrols that are more targeted. The department hopes that by targeting individuals who are more at-risk for accidents, the number of road fatalities in the state can be curbed.

What You Should Remember As An Illinois Motorist

Whether you are driving a car, motorcycle, or any other motor vehicle in Illinois, now is the time to be serious about safe driving. Traffic rules in the state may be lacking, but it is up to every motorist to practice utmost caution and drive on the side of safety.

If a traffic accident has unfortunately injured you or a loved one, remember that you may be entitled to justice. While no amount of money can undo your suffering, obtaining monetary compensation can greatly help you get back on your feet. Willens & Baez is ready to provide you with the effective and compassionate legal service you need to successfully claim what you deserve.

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