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3 Elements of a Negligence Case

What Elements of a Negligence Case You Need to Know in Illinois

After an accident, there are basics of negligence that you should prove to win your case. Willens Injury Law Offices have explained the elements of a negligence case in this article. 

Breach of Duty

An accident attorney must prove that the negligent party breached their duty of care to the other person. If they failed to practice reasonable care to fulfill their duty, they will be held liable for the accident and injuries.  Click here to read about Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Accident Attorney.

Cause in Fact

You have to prove that the defendant’s actions were the actual cause of your injuries. In the case, an accident attorney in Illinois will have to prove that were it not for the breach of duty, the injuries or damages would not have occurred.


You are required to prove legally recognized harm such as physical injury or damage to property. You’ll have to show that the failure to exercise reasonable care resulted in actual damages to you. The claim needs to be brought to court within the right time frame to avoid compromising such instances.

Even when you are confident that all elements of a negligent case are present, it takes an experienced accident attorney to build a compelling case and eventually win. Get started today by reach out to Willens Injury Law Offices in Chicago, Rolling Meadows, and Joliet, IL for a free consultation.

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