4 Chicago Winter Driving Tips

4 Chicago Winter Driving Tips

Winter turns streets into cold and dangerous roads. No one wants to leave the comforts of their home and drive out but we all have places to go. If you’re heading out during the winter then it pays to know these driving tips to at least make sure you’re safe.

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1. Always be prepared.

You never know when the snow will quit. If it keeps snowing, everything in your way can turn into an obstacle. Make sure you keep a hat, a set of extra gloves and a shovel in your car. There will come a time when you need to dig out your car and you’ll be glad you kept these things inside your car.

2. Take care of your lights and blades.

Check your emergency blinkers, brake lights, headlights, back-up lights and turn signals. It won’t take much time to see if your lights are working. Additionally, invest in some winter wiper blades. They keep the windshield cleaner. While they are a bit more expensive than the usual blades, having them while on the road is worth it.

If you don’t know how to check or fix your lights then take your car to someone who can. It’s better to ensure that your car is running well before heading out. Your lights can make the difference between you and other drivers seeing each other on the road.

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3. Know how to manage your brakes.

Car brakes save lives so make sure you know how to handle them. Pulse your brakes instead of stomping on them. (Unless you have an ABS system) If you come across an icy patch, make sure you steer into the spin using the accelerator instead of the brakes. Slowly ease up once you get in control. Remember that anti-lock brakes will require a longer distance before they can stop the car. Also make sure you get your car brakes check before riding out.

4. Use technology.

Thanks to technology, you don’t need to go out blindly not knowing the weather conditions. Check out the snowfall amounts and weather reports to see if there are areas you can go to safely. You can also scout for available parking in your destination before you reach it. This will cut down the amount of problems you can encounter.

Driving in the winter can be challenging but knowing what precautions to take can go a long way. Put your safety as a priority.

Updated: November 29, 2017