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4 Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago IL

4 Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago IL

We want to be safe as possible but we can’t avoid danger entirely. The least we can do is to know where we have the least chance of being harmed. If you’re in the Chicago area, then you can check out these top-rated neighborhoods in the region based on safety.

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Sauganash/Forest Glen

With a population of more than 18,000, the region offers a friendly and entertaining environment. CTAs and train stations are also accessible so you’ll find it easy to go in and out of the city. Top scoring schools you can find in the area include: Walter Payton College Prep, Northside College Preparatory High School, and Young Magnet High school among others.

Printers Row

Printers Row or the Printing House Row is just south of the Loop – Chicago’s downtown area. Previously, the buildings in Printers Row were mostly publishing and printing businesses, thus the name. These days, you’ll find many residential lofts. The neighborhood has a charming historic vibe to it. You can also check out places like Millennium Park, Grant Park and shopping in State Street.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is known to be an historic district in the region. It is best known as an affluent location where you can find many high-rise apartments, row houses and mansions. Some places worth knowing are the James Charnley House and the Astro Street District. In 2011, Gold Coast was considered the 7th richest urban neighborhood in the United States.

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Mount Greenwood

Mount Greenwood is around 14 miles southwest of the downtown Chicago area called the Loop. It is close to Beverly and Morgan Park. The region is also well known for being home to many union workers, police officers and firefighters. Home to more than 20,000 people, Mount Greenwood offers a very safe and friendly environment. It is popular for being a family oriented neighborhood.

Safety is important to everyone. With the news constantly showing crimes and accidents, it can be difficult to feel safe but you can always do something about this. Knowing the right places to go and those to avoid can help tremendously. Of course, you need to see for yourself if the region is a good match for your needs and lifestyle. These Chicago areas offer plenty of opportunities and it will be up to you to see if you can take advantage of them. You should talk to locals to get a really good idea about these places.

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