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Avoid These Costly Auto Accident Mistakes

Making small mistakes when settling a car accident claim can cost you big.

Avoid These Costly Auto Accident MistakesSettling a car accident claim can be very tricky and even small mistakes can cost you dearly. During the course of negotiations, it is always prudent to trust your legal advisor and avoid certain mistakes.

Seek Medical Care After Your Car Accident

Delaying medical treatment can later harm your case. The insurance company may reason that your injuries are not as serious as you claim them to be or that you are faking your injuries altogether. This could seriously affect your settlement amount.

Retain a Chicago Auto Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies are well trained to minimize settlement payouts. Accident victims should never try to negotiate a settlement on their own.

Avoid Underestimating the Value of Your Settlement

Even though you and your attorney may discuss a specific dollar amount, avoid having set expectations and never discuss or reveal the amount you are expecting to the insurers or any third party. The insurer will, on the basis of the evidence provided, calculate an amount. Keep an open mind and do not narrow your chances of an amount higher than you estimated.

Do Not Automatically Accept the First Offer

Insurers are well aware that as a victim of an accident, you are in desperate need of money for various expenses and unforeseen costs. (Read – Dealing with Medical Bill Collectors After a Car Accident) They may offer a settlement that seems fair; however, in the long run, is not enough to cover all your expenses. Do not be afraid of negotiation and never accept a settlement without consulting your attorney.

Do Not Miss Medical Appointments

Take your medical appointments and treatments seriously. Avoid giving the opposing party any reason to doubt your injury claim. Missing appointments, refusing certain treatments, or disregarding the doctor’s advice will harm your case. The insurer could claim that you are faking your injuries to gain monetary benefits.

Be Truthful

Always be truthful about the events of the accident, avoid exaggerating the situation, and never leave out any facts. The court could rule against any settlement if you are found to be dishonest.

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