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Is Joliet Illinois Safe?

Is Joliet Illinois Safe? Deciding whether a city is safe or not is always subjective. Any city can be dangerous or safe depending on the


Chicago Wrong Diagnosis Lawyer A doctor incorrectly diagnosing a disease may greatly harm a patient and their family. There are prolonged hospital stays, costly and

Nursing home elopement or wandering

Chicago Nursing Home Elopement Or Wandering Lawsuits It is utterly worrying and almost inconceivable to find that your senior loved one cannot be located at

Choking negligence and clogged tubes

Chicago Choking Negligence Lawyer – Clogged Breathing Tubes In Nursing Homes Some of the most devastating injuries for the elderly result from choking or a

Bed Sores from Nursing Home Neglect

Chicago Bedsores Negligence Attorney What if you discover bedsores on your loved one in a nursing home? While bedsores – medically known as pressure sores

Assisted Living Facility Lawsuits

Chicago Assisted Living Facility Accident Lawyer If you have entrusted a family member to an assisted living facility (ALF), you expect the facility’s administration and

Illinois Nursing Home Complaints

Illinois nursing homes are frequent and continuing subjects of complaints. The State’s Department of Public Health maintains a 24 hour-a-day Nursing Home Hotline. It gets

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