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chicago car crash injury broken hand=attorneys

Chicago Hand Injury Attorneys

Hand Injury Lawyers in Chicago, IL Hand injuries are among the worst types of car accident injuries because they affect day-to-day functions and abilities. Hands

hit and run chicago motorcycle accident

Rights After a Hit and Run

There are insurance coverages and laws designed to protect a motorcyclist who is injured in a hit and run accident in Chicago. If you were

holiday travel chicago auto wreck

July 4th Weekend the Deadliest Time of the Year

A record breaking number of people are expected to travel this July 4th weekend, raising serious safety concerns. According to AAA, almost 43 million Americans are expected to travel

Burn injury from a car accident

Chicago Burn Injury Attorneys

Burn Injury Lawyers in Chicago, IL Victims of accidents that involve fire, often suffer severe if not fatal burn injuries. At Willens Injury Law Offices

Chicago Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in Chicago, IL Free Consultation: Call (312) 957-4166. Our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys in Chicago have multi-million dollar results including a $15,808,277

Chicago man taking breathalyzer

Sobriety Tests Reduce DUI Fatalities

Efforts have been made to reduce drunk driving; however, the problem continues to surface with deadly outcomes. Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is a

woman distracted by cell phone while driving

Lawyers Discuss Distracted Driving

Cell phones are one of the biggest causes of distracted driving. A recent federal government funded study was conducted on driving habits and distractions by the Virginia Tech

car insurance button

Understanding Auto Insurance Coverage

If you are having trouble settling with the insurance company after a car accident, seek legal help from a Chicago car accident lawyer. All car insurance

Chicago car spinning after brakes fail

Auto Accidents Caused by Brake Failure

The braking system in a vehicle is undeniably one of its most crucial components. When applied, brakes reduce speed and stop motion, bringing a vehicle to

seat belts

Improved Auto Safety Technology

The development of a number of safety features has enabled a big improvement in auto safety. Car safety technology has continued to evolve over the

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