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Car Accident After an Attempted Pass

A car crash can be a traumatic experience, leaving you seriously injured and costing thousands of dollars. There are a variety of traffic scenarios that can lead

Stationary Car Accidents

When a moving vehicle hits a non-moving vehicle, the results can be deadly. Stationary Chicago car accidents are more common than you may think. Most

Impact of Rear-End Collisions

A common misconception is that rear-end collisions are minor and do not cause much harm to the people involved. Technological advancements have made our life much

Why Some Cases May Take Time to Settle

Over the past two decades, Mr. Willens has been instrumental in obtaining numerous million-dollar-plus recoveries on behalf of clients in a wide variety of personal

Types of Distracted Driving Accidents

Did you know that distracted driving injures an estimated 1,150 people and kills an average of 9 people, every day? We know the dangers associated

Right-of-Way Auto Accidents

Many right-of-way car accidents are preventable, yet every year thousands suffer serious injuries as a result of such accidents. Right-of-way car accidents often occur because a

The Risks of Drowsy Driving

According to experts, waking up early could affect a person’s risk of getting injured in a car crash. It is no surpise that waking up

Chicago motorcycle car accident

Accidents Caused by Inexperienced Riders

Inexperienced motorcycle riders can present a serious risk to other drivers. For many commuters, a motorcycle is the primary mode of transportation to school or work. However, the

Responsibility for Driverless Car Crashes

Who is liable for personal injury and damages when a driverless car is involved in an auto accident? Advanced technology has made vehicles safer than

accident injuries attorney chicago

Ruptured Tendon From a Vehicle Collision

Ruptured Tendon after A Car Collision Lawyers in Chicago, IL Understand the short-term and long-term implications of your injury, BEFORE signing a car accident settlement. Soft

chicago car accident injuries attorneys

Chicago Internal Bleeding Attorneys

Internal Bleeding After A Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago, IL Symptoms of internal bleeding are not always evident right after a car accident. Internal bleeding can

personal injury accident lawyer

Chicago Delayed Injuries Attorneys

Delayed Injuries Lawyers in Chicago, IL Not all car accident injuries are evident immediately after a crash. Some injuries may take days or weeks to appear. Delayed injuries

auto accident attorney texting driving

Distracted Driving Laws in Chicago

In 2013, distracted driving accidents caused a total of 3,154 deaths. The number of injuries caused by distracted driving increased to around 424,000 in 2013. Of the

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