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post traumatic stress disorder

PTSD Caused by a Car Accident

If a car accident victim is unable to move past the trauma of a car accident, it can be a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder. A car

The Dangers of Drugged Driving

Around 18% of all severely injured drivers had at least one over-the-counter, illicit, or prescription drug before the car accident. Most people in the United

electrocution workers compensation illinois

Work-Related Electrocution Injuries

In the United States, electrocution is the fifth leading cause of workplace fatalities. Electric shock poses a serious threat to workers and can cause spinal and

car accident Knee injury lawyer

Chicago Knee Injury Attorneys

Knee Injury Lawyers in Chicago, IL If you suffer a knee injury as a result of another person’s negligent driving, contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer to learn

car accident lawsuit

An Overview of Chicago Car Accident Lawsuits

If you suffer injuries from a car accident, you are entitled to seek financial compensation from the negligent driver. However, what if the insurance company

nighttime motorcycle accident

Is Nighttime Motorcycle Riding Riskier?

Motorcyclists need to exercise even greater caution when riding at night. Riding a motorcycle on the open roads at night can be an exhilarating experience.

rotator cuff tear-chiacgo-personal-injury-attorneys

Rotator Cuff Tears From A Car Accident

Rotator Cuff Tears from Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago, IL Rotator cuff tears are a common injury suffered in Chicago motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents

chicago tailgating car accident lawyer

Tailgating Dangers on Chicago Roads

Driving a car comes with the responsibility of safeguarding your own safety and that of others on the road. We have to rely on each other to

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