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Negligencia médica

Negligencia médica Cuando usted tiene un problema después de haber visitado a un médico, debería de hablar con un abogado para que tenga una consulta

Michael Schumacher Remains in Critical Condition

Doctors in France have declared Michael Schumacher’s condition stable, but he remains in critical condition, NBC News reports. Schumacher, a world record holding Formula One

Scaffolding Falls in Chicago

If the scaffold collapses, and someone is injured as a result, it is likely that someone will have to pay. Who must pay is a

Chicago Hit and Run Attorney

Chicago Hit and Run Lawyer Hit-and-run accidents in the Chicago area occur far too often.  According to Grid Chicago, during the period 2005 to 2010,

I Killed a Man

Make the promise to never drink & drive. You can’t erase what you’ve done. Matt Cordle’s confession – “I killed a man.”

Overloaded Truck Accidents

Overloaded Trucks Accidents Usually when the topic of truck accidents comes up, we think “driver error.”  There’s good reason for this.  According to the Federal

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