Infant Brain Damage Resulting From Lack of Oxygen Results in $10 Million Dollar Birth Injury Settlement

Infant Brain Damage Results in $10 Million Dollar Birth Injury Settlement

This article is in reference to a medical malpractice birth injury case we recently handled. The result was a greater-than-$10-million-dollar-partial-settlement after approximately three years of litigation with intensely disputed issues of liability and damages between the parties and the birth injury lawyers. Names, places, dates, and exact settlement figures will not be mentioned as it […]

Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Malpractice

cerebral palsy injury malpractice attorneys in Chicago, IL

What to Do if You Think Your Child Suffered from a Lack of Prompt Medical Treatment Cerebral palsy is a term that is used to describe different types of brain injuries. These injuries can be caused by trauma during birth, lack of oxygen at the time of delivery, infection in the utero, or other problems. […]

Birth Injury Malpractice Attorney in Chicago, IL

Chicago Birth Injury Malpractice Lawyer

What is Considered Birth Injury Malpractice? Doctors, nurses, and other types of healthcare professionals are required to conform to reasonable standards of care. If a healthcare professional, such as an OB/GYN causes harm to an infant during the birthing process, it may be considered an act of negligence. Mind you, health care professionals do not […]

Uterine Tachysystole Poses Birth Injury Risk

Uterine Tachysystole Poses Birth Injury Risk

Tachysystole refers to an abnormally high rate of muscle contractions. This can happen to a pregnant woman when a hormone called Pitocin is used to induce contractions or speed labor. The condition is defined by contractions occurring six times in a period of ten minutes. A recent study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics […]

Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

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Failure to identify signs of Meconium aspiration syndrome, and managing it in a timely and effective manner may amount to medical negligence. Meconium is the baby’s first bowel movement. It is tar-like, and contains bile, amniotic fluid, intestinal cells and water. Although it generally does not create a problem, in some situations it can endanger […]

Birth Injuries Resulting From Hospital Staff or Midwife Negligence

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Negligence on the part of hospital staff or midwives can lead to birth injuries. Negligence in any form can seriously affect the health of a pregnant mother and her baby. Therefore, all pregnant mothers are advised to exercise utmost care during their gestation period. However, when medical negligence results in a birth injury, especially in […]

Fetal Distress During Pregnancy and Labor

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If a doctor fails to detect fetal distress and respond to it in time, it can lead to severe birth injuries or even death of your baby. Fetal distress is a condition in which the heartbeat of the fetus decelerates or becomes flat. It is also known as non-reassuring fetal heart tracing, and it can […]