Uterine Tachysystole Poses Birth Injury Risk

Uterine Tachysystole Poses Birth Injury Risk

Tachysystole refers to an abnormally high rate of muscle contractions. This can happen to a pregnant woman when a hormone called Pitocin is used to induce contractions or speed labor. The condition is defined by contractions occurring six times in a period of ten minutes. A recent study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics […]

Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

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Failure to identify signs of Meconium aspiration syndrome, and managing it in a timely and effective manner may amount to medical negligence. Meconium is the baby’s first bowel movement. It is tar-like, and contains bile, amniotic fluid, intestinal cells and water. Although it generally does not create a problem, in some situations it can endanger […]

Birth Injuries Resulting From Hospital Staff or Midwife Negligence

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Negligence on the part of hospital staff or midwives can lead to birth injuries. Negligence in any form can seriously affect the health of a pregnant mother and her baby. Therefore, all pregnant mothers are advised to exercise utmost care during their gestation period. However, when medical negligence results in a birth injury, especially in […]

Fetal Distress During Pregnancy and Labor

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If a doctor fails to detect fetal distress and respond to it in time, it can lead to severe birth injuries or even death of your baby. Fetal distress is a condition in which the heartbeat of the fetus decelerates or becomes flat. It is also known as non-reassuring fetal heart tracing, and it can […]

What Causes Bell’s Palsy?

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Bell’s palsy is a condition that affects the facial nerves. Although not usually a long-term condition, it can lead to other serious complications. It is not uncommon for the baby to suffer birth injuries during the birthing process. Delivery not only puts a lot of stress and trauma on the mother due to contractions and […]

Delivering Breech Babies via C-Section

If your child experienced a birth injury resulting from mishandling of a breech position, contact Willens Injury Law Offices. When a baby is in a breech presentation, a vaginal delivery raises the risk of birth injury and death. This is why experts recommend a C-section delivery. Recent research shows the likelihood of dying was ten […]

Risks Associated With the Use of Forceps

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The percentage of birth injuries associated with the use of forceps is particularly high. Doctors have been using birth assisting tools during difficult deliveries since the 1800s. They can be extremely helpful when used appropriately; however, the percentage of birth injuries associated with forceps is particularly high. Although statistics reveal that birth injuries caused by forceps use […]

Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer – Prolonged Labor and Birth Injuries

A prolonged labor may put an infant in medical distress, putting the child at risk for birth injuries. Childbirth is an exciting time in a parent’s life, but it also presents an amount of risk for the mother and the child. During childbirth, any mistakes, such as the improper use of vacuum extraction or forceps, can cause various […]

Was Medical Negligence the Cause of Your Child’s Birth Injury?

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A great amount of trust is placed in the doctor and medical staff when parents enter a hospital to give birth to their baby. This trust includes knowing the correct standards of medical care will be followed and the mother and unborn child will have the full attention of the staff to ensure a healthy delivery. Any mistake made during pregnancy, labor and […]