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Construction Defect Lawsuits: Structural Failure & Deck Collapse

Construction-Defect-Lawsuits-Structural-Failure-Deck-Collapse Accidents

Parking garages, stadiums, skyscrapers and similar types of buildings are just some examples of structures that can cause construction-related injuries. Considering that the large slabs of concrete used to construct them are often suspended high off the ground, the risks of a deck collapse accident is always present. How Decks Can Be Dangerous Imagine how […]

Common Causes of Crush Injuries

chicago car crushed

A crush injury can occur when excessive pressure or force is applied to any part of the body. Crush injuries occur when a part or whole of the body gets squeezed between two objects. In workplace settings, these injuries are also known as “caught in between” injuries. Crush injuries are among the most serious types […]

Scaffolding Falls in Chicago

If the scaffold collapses, and someone is injured as a result, it is likely that someone will have to pay. Who must pay is a question of fact that must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. On January 4th, a set of construction scaffolding collapsed in the night, damaging four vehicles, the Chicago Tribune reports. […]


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