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Facial Fractures

Facial Fractures - Chicago Car Accident Injuries

Facial trauma is one of the most common types of injuries sustained in car accidents. Facial fractures are often associated with other injuries such as head injuries, eye injuries and facial lacerations. According to Chicago car accident lawyer, a facial injury can be expensive and the total costs can run into hundreds of thousands of […]

Breaking a Bone in an Illinois Workplace Accident

chicago worker compensation broken bones

Work-related accidents can occur in all kinds of workplaces. While some accidents cause no injuries, other accidents can leave a worker seriously injured and in need of prolonged medical treatment. A common injury resulting from workplace accidents are broken bones or fractures. Causes of Work-Related Fractures Work-related bone fractures can result from: vehicle crashes slip and fall accidents falling […]

Chicago Hand Injury Attorneys

chicago car crash injury broken hand=attorneys

Hand Injury Lawyers in Chicago, IL Hand injuries are among the worst types of car accident injuries because they affect day-to-day functions and abilities. Hands are our prime means of doing everyday tasks such as eating, writing, showering, driving, sports, and virtually everything else that we do in our daily lives. When a person sustains […]

Chicago Broken Bones Attorneys

Bone Breaks and Bone Fracture Lawyers in Chicago, IL If you or a loved one have been the unfortunate victim of a Chicago auto accident and have suffered broken bones or a bone fracture, Willens & Baez want to help! Many Chicago car accident victims suffer broken bones and fractures. They are generally more serious […]

Rib Pain After a Car Accident?

car accident rib injuries attorney

Rib Injury Lawyers in Chicago, IL Chicago auto accidents can cause a strain, bruise, or fracture of the bone, muscles, or cartilage in the rib cage. There are various types of rib injuries that can result from car accidents, and one fairly common one is caused when the force of the impact pushes the driver […]

Broken Bones from Motorcycle Accident, Chicago Lawyer

Negligence plays a significant role in injuries resulting in broken bones. If you were injured in a car accident because the offending party failed to use reasonable care, you may be entitled to compensation. Broken bones are the most common type of injury from car and motorcycle accidents. You will immediately know if the damage […]


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