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Guide to Ensuring Safety at Nursing Homes

Table of Contents When Should You or Your Loved One Move into a Nursing Home? Choosing the Best Nursing Home Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Home Ensuring your Loved One is Happy, Healthy, and Safe in a Nursing Home Physical Health Mental Health Elder Abuse and Common Signs What Can You Do if […]

Illinois Nursing Home Complaints

Illinois nursing homes are frequent and continuing subjects of complaints. The State’s Department of Public Health maintains a 24 hour-a-day Nursing Home Hotline. It gets nearly 19,000 calls annually. Over the years, nursing homes have been responsible for neglect, abuse, and all manner of misconduct. Anyone with a loved one inside a nursing home should […]

Handling Trip and Fall Cases for the Elderly

We represented a woman in her 80s who tripped and fell on some construction equipment while shopping in a grocery store.  She broke her shoulder requiring surgery and rehabilitation. Handling a personal injury case in Chicago for an elderly person is an entirely different ball game than handling a personal injury case for someone who […]

Overmedication of the Elderly: Restraint without Straps

Chemical restraint is the use of drugs to restrict the movement of a nursing home resident. In nursing homes all over the country, the elderly are being restrained from moving freely. Often there are legitimate reasons to restrain someone, such as if they pose a risk to the safety of themselves or others. However, physical […]


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