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Why Healthcare Workers Face Higher Injury Risks?

Chicago work related injury

While healthcare workers perform one of the most important jobs, they are unfortunately at higher risk of injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the healthcare industry employs more than 18 million US workers. Out of these, about 80% are women. While healthcare industry workers perform one of the most important […]

Did You Suffer a Work-Related Stroke or Heart Attack?

Heart Attack Workers Compensation Chicago

Night shifts, deadlines, long drives, traffic congestion, demanding customers, and nagging bosses are all responsible for the increasing stress among workers these days. Workers don’t even realize when work stress progresses beyond tension headaches and causes something as serious as a heart attack or stroke. Chicago worker injury lawyer explains that work-related cardiovascular events are […]

Workers Compensation Claims Involving Nerve Damage

illinois construction worker

Nerve damage can result in a permanent disability that requires extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. Nerve damage is a common type of workplace injury that may occur as a result of work related motor vehicle accidents, machinery accidents, slip and fall accidents, lifting injuries and repetitive stress trauma. When the nerve damage is a result […]

Injured on the Job as Independent Contractor


The traditional workforce continues to shift with more and more professionals choosing to become independent contractors. Independent contractors work by the job or as freelancers. This arrangement offers many benefits; however, it has its own limitations as well. Independent contracting disqualifies a worker from employment benefits including workers’ compensation. Claiming Work Comp Benefits Workers compensation is a type of insurance […]

Breaking a Bone in an Illinois Workplace Accident

chicago worker compensation broken bones

Work-related accidents can occur in all kinds of workplaces. While some accidents cause no injuries, other accidents can leave a worker seriously injured and in need of prolonged medical treatment. A common injury resulting from workplace accidents are broken bones or fractures. Causes of Work-Related Fractures Work-related bone fractures can result from: vehicle crashes slip and fall accidents falling […]

Claiming Compensation: Lost Earning Capacity in Illinois

car accident neck injury lawyer

In addition to physical pain and mental trauma, a car accident victim often suffers heavy financial losses. If you suffer a serious injury from an accident, you may need to take days off from work, which could affect your earnings. Add to this your medical bills and the cost of repairing your damaged car and […]

Work-Related Electrocution Injuries

electrocution workers compensation illinois

In the United States, electrocution is the fifth leading cause of workplace fatalities. Electric shock poses a serious threat to workers and can cause spinal and neurological damage, severe burns, bruises, heart attacks, broken bones, and even death. It is estimated that over 400 people are killed each year because of electrocution at the workplace. Causes […]

Workers Compensation Claims for Chemical Exposure Injuries

asbestos exposure lawyers

Workers in many industries have to handle chemicals such as cleaning agents and acids as a part of their job. Exposure to some of these chemicals can cause injuries and even death. More than 10 percent of the occupational deaths are attributed to environmental and chemical exposure. It is the duty of all employers to […]

The Catastrophic Effects of Work-Related Burn Injuries

workers compensation burn injuries

Burn injuries are the second most common work-related injuries after fall accidents. If we combine both on-the-job and off-the-job burn injuries that are reported every year, we are looking at a figure of over a million. Work-related burn injuries can have serious and long-term consequences for an injured worker and may leave him or her unable to go […]

Receiving Workers Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injuries

carpal tunnel lawyer

Repetitive stress injuries are among the most common and potentially life-changing workplace injuries. They are also known as repetitive motion and repetitive strain injuries. As the name suggests, these injuries are a result of overuse of some parts of the body such as hands, arms, or neck. The repetitive stress causes damage to tendons, muscles, […]


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