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Myths About TBIs

Because of lack of information and understanding how the brain is affected by injury, there are myths about traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Myths About TBIs

After decades of research, doctors and scientists have not been able to completely decipher how the human brain functions. Due to lack of information and understanding how the brain and is affected by injuries, there are myths about traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Patients of traumatic brain injuries and their families may mistakenly accept compensation that is far less than what they would if they were better informed. Misinformation can lead a person to forego necessary treatment and fail to protect his or her legal rights.

Myth 1: All traumatic brain injuries are the same.

TBIs vary greatly in severity. Traumatic brain injuries can be mild, moderate, or severe depending on the extent of any amnesia experienced by the patient, for how long he or she was unconscious, and several other factors.

Myth 2: All traumatic brain injuries eventually heal.

Some “experts” may claim that nearly all traumatic brain injury patients heal over time in order to minimize the need for ongoing medical treatment. However, there is no research to support this myth. The fact is that the majority of patients with severe TBI experience long-term disabilities. Even the patients with mild or moderate TBI may experience some long-term symptoms.

Myth 3: If there is no memory loss or loss of consciousness, there is no traumatic brain injury.

An individual is at risk of suffering a TBI anytime he or she suffers a head trauma. It is not necessary for a person to have memory loss or become unconscious in order to be diagnosed with a TBI. Immediate medical attention must be provided to a person who has suffered a head trauma in order to minimize any complications.

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