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Professional Sports Fields and Their Risks To Fans

Professional Sports Fields and Their Risks To Fans

Chicago can be a haven for the sports lover. The city has a number of major professional sports teams including some amateur and minor league. However, as fun as it is to watch sports events, you can’t really ignore the possibility that you may be injured at one of these events. Sports always involves the specter of injury, even if you’re just watching.

Take for example, a 60-year-old Schaumburg father who suffered broken facial bones and a broken nose while watching an August Cubs game. In a report from CBS Local, the man was watching a game at Wrigley Field along with this two sons and his daughter. Unfortunately, a Pittsburgh Pirates batter hit a foul ball right into section 135, Seat 107 where he was sitting. He was hit squarely in the face, causing a major eye injury. The injured eye has become a hindrance to him because he can no longer see through it. Doctors have also expressed concern about him developing a syndrome which may eventually render him blind.

All Sports Arenas Are (Un)Fair-Game

Additionally, reports claim that more than a thousand people get injured at ball parks annually. Even more, you’re not just at risk at baseball stadiums. Some three years ago, Blackhawks fan Chip Green from Yorkville ended up suffering brain damage after a puck hit him in the head. Green has sued the NHL.

There’s no telling when you’ll run into a similar incident and before this happens, it’s best to know what you can do.

What Can I do If I am Injured Attending a Pro Sporting Event?

Generally, operators or owners of a stadium bear a responsibility to protect people who come to visit; there is an obligation to keep these premises reasonably safe. If they fail to do this, like neglecting to make repairs or failing to carefully and regularly inspect the premises, they can be sued if a person gets hurt due to such negligence. Likewise, other injuries sustained while inside the premises can also be subject to damages and coverage.

While there are specific laws that exempt the operator or owner from paying any damages to an injured spectator, there are cases when they can be held accountable. For instance, if a person was injured due to the willful or wanton conduct by a coach, player, operator or owner.

If you’re not sure how to pursue a case related to injuries while watching sports then you need to consult a lawyer. A legal professional will help you manage your case. At Willens Law Office, we have the right people to help you with your injury and enable you to get the right compensation for any damage or injury you sustained. At Willens Law Office, we have handled similar cases and can advise you on the right steps to take and the options you have in recovering damages for your injury.

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