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Giving a Statement to an Insurance Company Following a Car Accident

That statement you give will not help you. Don’t do it! Instead, first consult with a car accident attorney.

You’ve been injured in a car accident that was someone’s fault. That person’s insurance company is calling you to take your statement. The person calling has nice manners and seems harmless. You’re thinking, “Why not give a statement? I have nothing to hide. If I cooperate, it may benefit me.” This is exactly how an insurance company wants you to think. Trust me – I used to work for an insurance company. That statement you give will not help you. Don’t do it! Instead, first consult with a car accident attorney. The consultation will be free of charge and completely confidential.

Insurance adjusters are trained to take statements that will work against the victim later on. These statements are completely designed to benefit the insurance company, not the injured victim. Cooperating with the responsible driver’s insurance company after an accident is like the hen cooperating with the sly fox. If you have given a statement already, it’s not the end of the world, but you may need the help of a car accident attorney to start digging you out of the hole that’s already been created. Most car accident attorneys can help you dig out as long as the hole is not too deep.

Insurance adjusters try to get these statements – not surprisingly – so that they can limit the amount of compensation that the victim of the accident is entitled to under the law. The insurance adjusters often pretend to show sympathy for the injured victim. This illusion of sympathy is designed to get an injured victim to give a statement and it works, far too often.

Often, during the statement, the victim will understate his/her injuries for various reasons. If it turns out that the injuries are more severe than thought very soon after an accident, the statement can and often will be used against the victim later down the road.

It is equally important that the victims of a car accident not talk to his/her own auto insurance company, at least not before speaking with a car accident lawyer. There may be occasions where you may need to pursue a claim against your own auto insurance company; these typically occur when the driver at fault has insufficient insurance coverage or no coverage at all. As such, even the injured party’s own insurance company can be his/her own adversary.

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