Good and Bad Neighborhoods in Joliet IL

Good and Bad Neighborhoods in Joliet IL

Living in a city isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But then again, urban areas do have their advantages. From the energy to the food, work opportunities and even culture, city-living is often a good choice Depending on what you’re looking for or trying to achieve, there are several neighborhoods in Joliet, Illinois you can consider and some you should steer clear of.

Western Springs, Illinois

Western Springs is a suburb near Joilet with a total population of almost 13,000. The median home costs $530,800, while the median income is $147,361 and the median rent is around $1,677. The people who have lived here claim there’s barely any crime in the neighborhood and that the overall surroundings are nice. You can also do a lot of things around town. If you like television inspired visions where people hang out an ice cream shop at the end of the day or when they feel like it, Western Springs also has that – the Oberweis Dairy. They have their Metra trains as well. You can also enjoy the hockey rink and the baseball fields at Spring Rock Park.

Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Clarendon Hills sits in DuPage County, Illinois. The last census estimated the area’s population to be around 8,000. The median home is $485,900, median income is $111,981, and the median rent is $974. If you’re looking for a place without as many people yet then this may be the option for you. Although, as with other real estate/relocation prospects, it’s best to vet your options in the area including schools, employment opportunities, culture, and the cost of living.

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Elmhurst, Illinois

Elmhurst is a city that is predominantly found in DuPage County but it also overlaps Cook County which is a western suburb. According to the city’s latest census, the population is around 46,000. The median home is $381,500, while the median income is $100,671, and the median rent is $1,446. The place is also diverse in terms of people living in it, offering a dynamic culture of background.

As for the areas to avoid in Joliet, it’s best to stay away from Richards St and Haldemann Ave. Some locals say that houses are more than likely to get broken into.

Moving into a new place requires a lot of effort. You don’t want to be on the bad side of town. More importantly, you want your money’s worth and your future secured. It’s best to always run down the details of any city to make sure the area fits your needs and that you can comfortably settle in. This may include knowing what papers to file and any legalities necessary to take care of. If you or someone you know is moving to Joliet, it is best to have a lawyer ready to advise on the situation. Willens Law Offices have lawyers ready to help you or someone you know move in to Joliet or surrounding neighborhoods as smoothly as possible.

Updated: November 19, 2018