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Helmets Protect from Brain Injuries

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Helmets are effective at preventing brain injury, and the only thing they require to be effective is that they be used.

Brain injury can be life-altering. People who suffer brain injury may suffer anything from depression to impaired function to disability to death. Helmets are effective at preventing brain injury, and the only thing they require to be effective is that they be used.

New Sports TechnologyHelmets Protect from Brain Injuries

The question of concussions (mild brain injury) in sports has received significant attention in recent years. As a result, a great deal of effort has gone into improving the helmets used by athletes in high-contact sports like football. Newer helmets have reduced concussions in high school football by 30% or more. In addition, coaches are now more aware of the cumulative effect of repeated concussions and are less likely to put players back in after suffering a concussion.

Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmets are crucial to protecting riders of all ages from brain, head, and face injury. A recent review of available clinical data suggests that bicycle helmets reduce the risk of brain injury by 63% to 83%, with the likely average being somewhere around 67%. Studies looking at injury accidents involving cars and those without cars showed about the same average reduction in injury.

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are somewhat controversial because some riders claim that wearing a helmet increases the risk of motorcycle accidents, but overall most safety experts conclude that motorcycle helmets have significant safety benefits. For example, they conclude that helmeted riders have up to a 73% lower fatality rate than unhelmeted riders, as well as an 85% lower risk of severe, serious, and critical injuries such as brain injury.

If you suffered a brain injury in an accident due to another person’s negligence in Chicago, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries whether you were wearing a helmet or not.

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