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Medical Malpractice Claims Involving Cosmetic Surgery

Each year, more than 2 million Americans undergo surgeries for cosmetic reasons.

Medical Malpractice Claims Involving Cosmetic Surgery

Unfortunately, many of these plastic surgeries go wrong, and some of these elective surgeries lead to serious complications. It is the responsibility of the surgeon to make sure that the patient seeking their services are treated in the best possible way.

Patients trust their doctors to take care of them and expect the procedure to go as planned. These specialists have the required training, experience, and expertise to ensure that the procedure is carried out in a safe and professional manner. However, this does always happen, and many people become victims of cosmetic surgery malpractice. In this post, our Chicago medical malpractice lawyer will discuss cosmetic surgery malpractice in detail.

About cosmetic surgery malpractice

Cosmetic surgery malpractice cases are constantly on the rise for a number of reasons. One of the key issues is that given the lucrative nature of this business, many surgeons have jumped into this business even without the required certifications and experience. They are typically the ones responsible for causing the most damage. The type of injuries that can result from cosmetic surgery malpractice can last a lifetime and cause physical and emotional distress for a long time.

Common cosmetic surgeries

  • Rhinoplasty: Involves reshaping certain parts of nose such as the nostrils, bridge and so on.
  • Facelift: As the name suggests, it is done to tighten the skin around the face
  • Liposuction: The procedure is performed to remove fatty tissue from problem areas such as the stomach, arms and thighs.
  • Dermabrasion: It involves removal of the upper layer of the skin in areas such as neck and face to reveal a younger looking skin
  • Laser treatment: It includes laser hair removal, acne treatment, laser tattoo removal, and more
  • Tummy tuck: The surgery involves removal of extra skin and fat around the abdomen and tightening the skin and muscles in the stomach area
  • Botox: It involves the use of injections to paralyze muscles that cause wrinkles
  • Blepharoplasty: Surgery used to correct defects and disfigurements of the eye region or eyelids

Common risks and injuries associated with cosmetic surgeries

  • Formation of scar tissue and excessive collagen
  • Skin discoloration
  • Aesthetic damage
  • Loss of sensation due to nerve damage
  • Formation of blood clots that can pose a serious risk if not detected and treated in a timely manner
  • Recurrent nosebleeds
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Mental and emotional trauma
  • Serious complications that can lead to wrongful death

Getting Legal Help With Your Malpractice Claim

These are just some of the serious outcomes of a botched cosmetic surgery, and there are many other ways it can cause damage. If you have been affected by cosmetic surgery malpractice, we recommend that you immediately get in touch with an experienced and qualified Chicago improper treatment lawyer. This is important because cases involving cosmetic surgery malpractice are often complicated, and an experienced lawyer can help you get justice and increase your chances of recovering adequate compensation for your financial losses, injuries, and emotional trauma. For a free consultation, give our attorneys a call today at (312) 957-4166!

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