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Is Joliet Illinois Safe?

Is Joliet Illinois Safe?

Deciding whether a city is safe or not is always subjective. Any city can be dangerous or safe depending on the criteria you’re basing it on. For example, if street gangs and violence are your measure then almost every city has their fair share. It can boil down to the crime rate or the type of law enforcement.

Previously, Joliet has the reputation that it may not be as safe as other cities. That may be an old assessment, the area is now on the rise. In fact, Joliet – also known as “J-Town” – is now considered one of the fastest growing metro areas in Chicago. In fact, it is considered one of the fastest growing cities in Illinois. Contrary to how it was known before, the neighborhood now provides a family-friendly atmosphere with its downtown district offering just as much history and other attractions that the entire family can enjoy.

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Prison City No More

Known as the home of Joliet Prison and Statesville Prison, the area first earned its name as the “Prison City.” While its stint as the Prison City may have lasted for a century, the neighborhood isn’t like this anymore. Many years have passed since Statesville was open. Visitors can now tour the facilities.

Route 66 and the Fast Lane

Hitting the road stops of Route 66 is easy to do in Joliet. You’ll find many spots to visit like The Old Keg, Union Station and the Ruby Street Bridge. The route to Statesville Penitentiary will offer you some drive-in diner options or some old school entertainment.

Likewise, if you go around Joliet, you’ll see how many people in the neighborhood like to live in the fast lane — at least to some extent. There are many car enthusiasts around. Joliet is home to a 1.5-mile racetrack and the Chicagoland Speedway. It is also host to the Indy Racing League and NASCAR events. Not to mention, there are the National Hot Rod Association events held at  Route 66 Raceway. Other things to look out for include the Star Mazda Competition, the Atlantic Championship, and the SCAA World Challenge.

Slammers and the West

Of course, it’s only natural to still be worried about the place. As mentioned, the prisons are long closed. Joliet’s “The Prison City” name now only alludes to its pro baseball team. The Joliet Slammers participates in the independent Frontier League. The team is also doing pretty well. Back in 2011, they won the championship title on their home field.

As the city rises and the population becomes more diverse than ever, new people tend to prefer the west side. This part of the town is famous for being safe and clean. Generally, people avoid the east region.

Just like any other city, there are the “wrong crowds” in Joliet. It’s always only best to make sure you:

  • know where you are headed and how to go back home
  • notify someone about your schedule and your whereabouts, so they’ll know if something is wrong
  • keep safe – lock your doors, home and buildings at all times
  • be vigilant about your surroundings

Joliet has developed throughout the years – steering clear of its long-held reputation. Nonetheless, if you or someone you know will be transferring to the city and would like some legal assistance, then Willens & Baez can help you. We have lawyers ready to get you settled in or help you should you run into any trouble in the area.

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