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July 4th Weekend the Deadliest Time of the Year

A record breaking number of people are expected to travel this July 4th weekend, raising serious safety concerns.

July 4th Weekend the Deadliest Time of the YearAccording to AAA, almost 43 million Americans are expected to travel by road, sky, rail, or sea between June 30 and July 4. This is the highest volume of travelers on record for a July 4th holiday weekend and even more than the number of travelers during this year’s Memorial Day weekend.

Traveling on a Holiday Weekend

It is believed that the increase in travelers can be attributed to lower gas prices. The national average stands at $2.30 a gallon, almost 43 cents lower than the previous year. As the holiday fell on Monday, it encouraged more people to travel out of town. According to AAA spokesman, whenever July 4th happens to fall on a Monday or Friday, it becomes a four-day holiday weekend for travelers. This rings in good time for the travel industry but also raises serious safety concerns. Our Chicago car accident lawyer has some tips for holiday travelers. These tips can be helpful not only during the July 4th weekend, but also during any holiday season when high traffic is expected.

Follow Basic Traffic Safety Practices

One of the simplest and most important things to do is to follow basic safety practices – wear a seatbelt, do not drive drunk, and obey the speed limit. While you may be super excited about reaching your holiday destination with your friends, you still need to be cautious.

Take Preventive Measures

Get your vehicle thoroughly inspected and maintained before you take a long road trip. Check tire pressure, oil level, coolant level, and your brakes before hitting the road.

Choose a Safe Time to Travel

Starting before rush hour begins can make your travel safe and comfortable. If you can leave home before 7 a.m., chances are that you will find less traffic on the roads and your travel will be comfortable.

Maintain Proper Distance

Keep a safe following distance with the vehicle in front. Use the 3 second rule in such situations to maintain a safe following distance.

Avoid Distractions

With all the excitement of the holiday, you may be tempted to give in to distractions such as cell phone use, changing music, chatting with friends, or the use of other electronic devices. Distracted driving increases the risk of an accident substantially. Get rid of all distractions and keep your eyes and mind on the road.

Get Plenty of Rest

If you are planning to travel after a night long party, chances are that you will be fatigued and at a higher risk of an accident. Get adequate rest before you take a long road trip and take adequate breaks in between driving to fight off fatigue.

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