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Getting to Know Matt

Personal Biography of Matt Willens, Chicago Injury Attorney

The odds are that if you are reading this, you or a loved one was seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence. Maybe it was a car accident of some sort or maybe it was the result of medical malpractice. You’ve been injured somehow in some way and you’ve decided to look for a lawyer to handle your case. Good plan. Initial consultations with every decent personal injury lawyer I know are free, so, at a minimum, it makes sense to talk to one, an experienced one.


I imagine that you want someone who has experience, a track record of success, the highest possible ratings, who has been recognized by the legal community as top-notch.  You should.  You deserve it and those things are important.  To brag a little, I have big settlements, verdicts and all the honors and accolades that sometimes come with dedication and experience. I’m proud of them, almost as proud as my family is.  personal-injury-attorney-chicagoHowever, I recognize that I’m not the only lawyer with big results.  I wish I could tell you that I was the only lawyer with several awards and accolades, but I’m not.  So how do you decide who is the right lawyer or law firm to handle your case?  In order to assist you with this difficult decision, I decided to write a little about who I am.  This makes sense to me given I really do my best to get to know my clients.  It seems logical that maybe you’d like to know a little about me, not just about the legal stuff that’s on my web-site, but the stuff that makes me tick, the real me.  If results matter to you (and they should), go to my Results page.  I think you’ll like what you see.  If you care about what others say (and you should), go to my Testimonials page.  The kind words that other people have said about me over the years are very meaningful to me.  Maybe they will be to you as well.  If you want to know a little about me, keep reading below and thanks in advance for your interest.

I am the fifth and final child in my family.  I tease my three brothers and sister that mom and dad kept having children until they got it right.  I was born and raised in Skokie, IL, a suburb just north of Chicago.  From as long as I can remember, my parents taught me the importance of family and education.  It’s no wonder, that aside from one of my brothers who lives in California, the rest of us live within a mile of each other, in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  Though I’m the only lawyer, we all have, at a minimum, college educations.

My dad, may he rest in peace, was a huge sports fan and a couple of my older brothers were active in sports.  When I was a small kid, it was pretty rare to see me without some type of mitt or ball in my hands.  Team sports played a huge role in the early years of my life and I draw on the lessons learned from sports (hard work, discipline, teamwork…) even until this day.

In my early years, my competitive spirit led me to do well in baseball, football and basketball.  In baseball, I was recruited to play on a travelling all-star team, one of the state’s best.  In basketball, I was the MVP of my junior high team.  In football, I was a pretty good running back but a better linebacker.  I really liked tackling people.  When I got to high school, Niles North, I was about 5 feet tall and weighed about 110 pounds.  My dad said “no way” to football as he didn’t want me to try and tackle a kid twice my size.  I guess he knew I would try.  I was too short for basketball.  I replaced football and basketball with diving.  One of my older brothers was a cliff diver/stunt man (the first person in the world to do a quadruple back flip from 100 feet).  I thought he was the coolest so figured I’d give diving a shot.  There was no coach for diving and I certainly wasn’t the most graceful diver.  However, I was daring.  I did well because I did harder tricks than the other divers.  I won the conference as a freshman.  Throughout high school, in addition to diving, I continued to play baseball.  I played shortstop and by my junior year, our team was ranked as one of the best in Illinois.  Don’t ask about senior year 😉  As high school came to a close, so did my organized sports career.  I continued to be active in sports, just not organized sports. Currently, I love to golf.

After high school, I attended Northern Illinois University.  I remember it seeming like I had more time on my hands than I was used to.  I always wanted to play electric guitar so I bought a used one from a kid on my dorm floor.  I thought Eddie Van Halen was awesome and practiced to be just like him.  That never happened.  However, some friends and I started a rock band.  By the last year of college, we were in high demand and won the University’s Battle of the Bands competition.  We continued to play after college, while I was in law school and thereafter for a couple of years.

When I started law school, I had long hair half not typical of a guy in law school.  In those days, guys in rock bands had long hair.  In fact, many of my law school mates, more than 20 years later, still remember me as “the guy with the long hair.”  We played places like , The Aragon Ball Room, The Avalon, The Metro, The Thirsty Whale, The Gateway Theatre and any other place that would have us.  We even played on The Jenny Jones Show.  We had fun and had no real illusion of rock stardom.  I’m still good friends with my old band mates.

In law school, I was one of the lucky ones who knew what I wanted to do with my legal career.  I wanted to help people.  I wanted to try cases.  I wanted to control my own destiny – if I performed well, I would be rewarded.  Maybe I got this from my sports experiences? – if I prepared well, performed well, the chances of winning goes up.  Or maybe it was from my music experiences?  The better we played, the more people would come back to our shows.  Regardless, I wanted to be a personal injury lawyer, so I went after it.  I didn’t have any “connections” in the legal world so I started calling people I admired at the most recognized personal injury firms.  I think all of them said they were not hiring but I convinced some of them that I was not looking for a job, just looking for some information from those I held in high regard.  I called them “informational interviews.”  This got me in some doors.  I suspected that I might be able to persuade one of them to take a chance on me and I did.  Within days of passing the Illinois bar exam, I had a job at a highly regarded personal injury firm.

My first job lasted seven years.  I was working for a task master, now a good friend, and it wasn’t easy but I was gaining valuable experience.  I started trying cases very early in my career, the cases that other lawyers at the firm didn’t want to try.  I won most of my cases.  However, after seven years at my first firm, I wanted something different.  I felt the job was interfering with my family life, a wife and two kids at the time (now three kids) a little more than I could tolerate.

I had a chance meeting with an executive from a major Chicago-based insurance company.  We started talking about the law, life, family…  During our discussion, he mentioned that he was looking for a plaintiff lawyer with about twenty years of experience to coordinate and manage the strategic direction of million-dollar-plus cases in Illinois and around the country for the insurance company.  I didn’t think anything of it because at the time, I only had seven years in the legal field.  However, soon after this chance meeting, he called me and told me that he was impressed with my maturity of judgement for a young guy and my ability to connect with others, including him.  He offered me a job.  I never imagined working for an insurance company.

However, I was impressed with this executive, both personally and professionally, and accepted.  I took a risk and figured that maybe it would be a good job and even if it wasn’t, the experience I would get from seeing how the other side works would be helpful to my future clients if I ever got back into plaintiffs’ work, which I kind of expected I would.  Plus, it would enable me to spend more time with my kids.  Bonus!

I did well at the insurance job.  Compared to the private practice of law, it was not nearly as demanding.  I got to travel the country, meet a lot of interesting people and learn how insurance companies work.  I was content but content isn’t my style.  I missed representing individuals.  I missed the Courtroom.  I felt like a coach when I really wanted to be out on the field.  During my tenure with the insurance company, I was managing a case against one of Chicago’s most well-known plaintiff lawyers.  He and I got to know each other.  Eventually the case resolved but the relationship did not.  He called me one day and invited me to his office where he proceeded to offer me a job.  With the blessing of my family and my insurance job boss, both who knew I wanted back in the Courtroom, I accepted the job and was once again doing what I was born to do, plaintiffs’ personal injury work.

I was again trying cases and winning, even winning some cases that were labelled by some as “unwinnable”.  I became a partner at this large very well-known law firm and was receiving many honors.  Things were good but I had an entrepreneurial itch and I needed to scratch it.

In 2007, after about a dozen years of gaining valuable legal experience from both sides of the aisle, I opened Willens Injury Law Offices with a vision of having a law firm that:

  1. got to know its clients;
  2. treated clients with care and concern and not like case numbers; and
  3. did what was best for the firm’s clients, not what was the easiest or most profitable for my firm.

I saw this vision through and while my greatest satisfaction comes from helping people, I have received many professional honors.

I’m thankful for the success I have and give back to the legal profession as well. I am an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law (my alma mater) where I teach Advanced Trial Advocacy. In addition, I have authored articles in legal periodicals and have been a regular speaker at legal seminars throughout the country on various topics related to trial advocacy.  In addition to giving back to the legal profession, I give my time and money generously to many charitable causes, too numerous to list here.

When I’m not at work, I dedicate most of my time to my three awesome children.  I try to in-still in them the same values my parents instilled in me.  If I’m half as good of a parent as they were, I win.  I love to win!

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Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Navigate Your Injury Case

Willen’s Injury Law Offices’ Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers have varied and extensive experience with personal injury law, from both sides of the aisle, is a true asset for their clients. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys not only have years of litigation and negotiation experience working for victims of accidents or negligence, but they also have Matthew L. Willens’ background as a former insurance company executive. 

Additionally, another accident lawyer at the firm, David Baez, spent the first part of his career as a defense attorney who represented insurance companies. As the firm’s clients sometimes say, “It’s like they know the other side’s playbook!”

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Twenty-five years of success in personal injury and medical malpractice cases.


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Willens Injury Law Offices was highly recommended by a friend. Upon my initial consultation, David was very friendly yet profesional. He was able to get a favorable result, I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you!
Lucia R.
19:41 08 Apr 21
When I got into my accident in 2018, I was 18, I was scared and I didn’t know what to do. David worked with me and made sure I was taken care of all the way to the end. He fought for my case and made sure I got the settlement I deserved. Definitely will be recommending the Willens office to my friends and family .Thank you!!!!
Emmalee R.
19:51 23 Nov 20
I 100% back this firm. I was in an accident that caused me some injury that needed medical attention. I reached out to Willens Law Offices to assist since I noticed a large amount of overwhelmingly positive reviews. Believe all the positive ones!!This firm is very professional and helpful from the beginning to end. They look out for their clients, and do their best to achieve 100% client satisfaction. If you consult with them to help, you will not be unhappy at the end.I want to give a huge shoutout to David Baez who assisted my throughout the entire case. I highly recommend him and this firm.Please note, if you utilize them and don't hear back a lot during the case, don't be alarmed. They will reach out to you when the time is right. They are not neglecting you, they are working hard day in and day out to resolve your case.1 Million % recommended!!!!!
Michael R.
18:42 13 Jun 20
It's been over a year since I was involved in my car accident - everyone knows that is a very stressful time for the injured party. I considered going through the whole process on my own but I quickly realized the insurance company was NOT my friend. I reached out to Willens Law Offices, met Matt and the attorney that would be handling my claim, David Baez. David was excellent, I'm big on communication and anytime I texted David; sometimes ad nauseam, he would always respond quickly and professionally. I had a ton of questions, and David answered everyone of them to my satisfaction. I could not have asked for a better attorney to fight for me, I have extremely high expectations and they were exceeded consistently.
Edmond P.
15:33 28 Apr 20
Reliable, efficient, & informative. Personable yet professional, Willens office took care of my every last need & then some!!
Kyle M.
15:35 10 Apr 20
I got into a car accident a couple years back, I didn’t know what to do so I researched on Google then found Willens law office. At the time it was new to me but after they help me out, guided me, let me in the right path and I haven’t been happy here ever since because justice was served! Thank you Willens coming from the Herrera family
Jose H.
18:38 03 Apr 20
I had an accident injuries and based on google reviews I reached out to Willens Law Offices in Chicago. David Baez helped me with my case. He came to meet us and understood our case in detail and he guided me all the steps of the process. I had advices from friends that you are unnecessarily going after the process and nothing will happen. David made everything worthwhile and he gave right advice always which was right for my health and right for the case. He worked very hard on my case for 2 years collecting all the paperwork, talking to physicians and taking care of my case and making it in my favor. I was truly blessed by having David Baez handling my case who was extremely professional, great ethics and felt as my family with him. After the injuries and pain I was afraid to select one but my God made me select the right one. If anyone feel they need accident injuries lawyer then I will only recommend David Baez. Nobody will beat his hard work, professionalisms, ethics and perseverance and yet down to earth and honest. Thank you for everything you have done for me and blessings from my heart for his success.
Mamta S.
14:25 06 Mar 20
David A. Baez at Willens Law office has been fantastic to work with. Very professional, informative and responsive to all questions. Hopefully I don't get into another car accident but if so I will call the Willens Law Offices asap.
steve B.
17:33 10 Dec 19
The initial impressions I had of this place turned out to be false, and I am thankful that I am pursuing the case with Mr. Willens. He is pretty incredible at what he does.
Donald B.
08:05 27 Nov 19
I can only say good things about Mr. Willens. He was fantastic, Aside from his awesome expertise, he is very down to earth and make you feel like family! HE TRULY CARES! Always eager to help and make himself available at every point of time. Thank you Matt again for everything!
Arthur L.
10:27 25 Nov 19
Truly passionate about their clients. Professional and easy to work with.
Peter W.
11:01 22 Nov 19
I came across Willens Law Offices after searching endlessly for a law firm to represent me in my personal injury case. I was well accommodated and he made me feel at ease, you truly feel like he will go the extra mile for you from the moment you hand the case over to him until the very end. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for representation!
Edna S.
10:05 20 Nov 19
If I ever find myself needing another law firm I will not hesitate for a second to contact him!
Micheal E.
10:12 18 Nov 19
I was involved in a car accident and was having trouble getting compensated for the amount I felt I should get. I contacted Willens Law Offices through a referral, worked with David Baez and had a very good experience. They helped educate me on the process along with helping me get what I deserved. I would HIGHLY recommend contacting them if you are involved in an accident.
mohsin M.
19:38 15 Nov 19
His staff was always so nice and friendly and responded promptly if I ever had any questions. I'm very thankful to come across them and will highly recommend them!
Rodrick M.
10:04 15 Nov 19
I'm sending a special thanks to Matt for working patiently and closely with me regarding the status of my case till the end. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Randy D.
14:08 13 Nov 19
Throughout the process of the case, he did an exceptional job. The entire process was extremely smooth and the staff kept me up to date on the status of my case. I give him 5 stars as he is the best legal attorney there is in the greater Illinois area. He truly deserve it.
Regina B.
15:40 11 Nov 19
I just want to thank Mr. Willens for being extremely reliable and diligent. He was able to adequately answer all my questions and concerns. He settled my case rather quickly. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family.
Bernadette F.
15:43 08 Nov 19
I was involved in a bad accident with multiple cars and I was in a terrible shape. Matt Willens handled my case exceptionally. Everyone that helped was also great! he was detailed and clear in all our communication and he always made sure I was aware of everything that was going on throughout my whole case. Really helped me get through a rough time. I am 100% satisfied with the outcome of my case. If you need a good lawyer on your side, look no further!
Laura W.
14:49 06 Nov 19
Willens Law Office handled my accident and they were incredible! Matt drove all the way to see me and I could see he really cared. He handled my injury case from start to finish and I’m now rebuilding the part of my life that I lost. Thanks for your help.
Todd Z.
05:55 11 Oct 19
I was involved in an accident back in last year and was searching for an attorney who looked like I can trust. I found Matt Willens and I am thankful. I called him up just to get a feel for him as a person and I could tell right away that he truly cared, not only about me but my family too. To say that he fought for us would be an understatement. He was ready to go to trial! Luckily we settled and it was for more money than I imagined, especially after my initial talk with the insurance company. Thanks Matt!
Paula D.
13:14 10 Oct 19
Matt Willens went above and beyond for my case. I felt as though he cared more about me and my situation than he did himself and the time that he was required to spend on my case. I highly recommend using him.
Marci P.
13:24 03 Sep 19
It was great to work with this firm. They handled every piece of paperwork. David Baez handled my case. He kept me informed through the whole process and treated me like family. I highly recommend David and the entire firm.
John C.
14:42 16 Aug 19
Willens Law is a firm I trust in because they specialize in personal injury matters. I have had a wonderful experience with Matt WIllens personally and I can say he is pleasant to work with and communicates thoroughly with his clients. I would recommend Willens Law.
Grant V.
05:28 19 Jul 19
I’m rarely compelled to leave a review for anyone but I felt I needed to show my gratitude.From the first time I spoke with Matt Willens on the phone I actually felt like he was there for me, looking after my best interests and not his own. That’s rare in my experience.Matt is an absolute pro and I wouldn’t think to call or recommend anyone else if I or a loved one were injured in the future. Thanks Matt!
Kyle W.
04:16 19 Jul 19
When I first contacted Willens law office, I just wanted to make sure everyone was paid after I was rear ended and I wasn’t the one doing it. My correspondence was primarily with David, he was always patient when I was slow to get him information and ended up calling me with great news after almost a year of back and forth with the at-fault insurance company.I can’t thank David and the Willens law office enough.
Amanda H
18:36 14 Jun 19
Willens Law Office is GREAT! David handled my case. He made me feel like family. He explained everything in detail every step of the way. He fought to get the results that would best benefit me. David is a great attorney. Thanks David and the Willens Law Office family.
Michael S.
17:53 31 May 19
Willens Law came highly recommended after I was badly injured when hit by an out of control car. I in turn most highly recommend Willens Law based on my great experience over the past year and a half.I am very pleased with both the outcome of my case as well as the experience working with Matt Willens and David Baez throughout the process.I had no specific expectation regarding a case outcome, seeking only ‘the best outcome possible.’ I certainly believe my case outcome was a great outcome. And I strongly believe that outcome was a direct result of fantastic work done by Matt and David.From beginning to end Matt and David were great to work with. They did a great job setting expectations; explaining what was to happen, including the why and the how; guiding me through the steps I needed to take; and answering both my “need to know” and “just curious” questions. They were always extremely prompt and clear in their guidance and responses to me.A silver lining in a tough situation was working with Matt and David, both of whom I came to respect professionally and like personally. I do most highly recommend Willens Law to others who may need such services.
18:55 22 May 19
Willens Law Offices is simply the best!!! David handle my case , and was nothing but professional! He is the best at what he do!!!!!Every step of the way, I was informed of my case!!!Thanks again!!
cassandra J.
17:55 26 Mar 19
Great team, did me right, pleasurable experience.
Robert P.
03:34 21 Feb 19
David Baez was prompt and professional in answering all of my questions.
Richard D.
00:19 07 Feb 19
David Baez was very professional, helpful and always kept me informed about my case. David responded quickly to any questions I may of had. I highly recommend Willens Law Offices for any personal injury case. Thanks again David for all the great work you did.
21:39 06 Nov 18
After being in an Uber accident about a year ago, I reached out to Willens Law to assist me through the settlement process. I had the pleasure of working with David Baez. From the start he was very personable and professional. He was always willing to educate me on the process and made sure I understood each step before going forward. Even after receiving my settlement, David has been willing to assist with any questions related to my case. I would highly recommend Willens Law.
Madelyn D.
02:47 05 Oct 18
I reached out to Willens Law Offices following a car accident that my girlfriend and I were involved in, and we met with David Baez for an in-person consultation shortly after. David was very personable and knowledgeable, and gave us confidence and peace of mind in a situation where we felt initially felt completely overwhelmed. There were times when we felt the communication could have been more proactive, but David was always responsive when we felt the need to check-in, even if there were no significant updates on our case. The process took a little longer than anticipated, but David was honest, thorough, and professional throughout.Overall, great experience and I'd recommend to anyone in need. Thank you David!
Geoff B.
20:44 17 Sep 18
After I was injured, and after researching Chicago's best law firms, I found Willens Law and read their reviews. After meeting Matt, I retained their services, along with the special efforts of his Partner, David Baez.They handled my case in a professional, efficient manner, while keeping me regularly informed. We worked incredibly well together, and won a very nice settlement. You would be foolish not to consider Willens Law for your Counsel, as I did. I highly recommend them!Ed Dybas
Ed D.
21:26 07 Sep 18
We had a very positive experience and felt their representation was very effective.
Kent M.
22:43 29 Aug 18
Working with Willens Law was a pleasure. They were responsive and extremely pleasant whenever I had questions or concerns. In my case, I personally took a little longer than I should have to start the process on my end, but David was able to pickup on my delay and process my personal injury case in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Willens Law and David when looking for an attorney to represent you in a case.
Maggie O.
14:07 23 Jul 18
I had a tremendous experience with this law firm, and I would highly recommend them. I had a bicycle injury caused by a negligent Uber car, and when I was first doing research and calling law firms all over the Chicago area to find representation, Matt Willens himself returned my call personally within ten minutes. I found that to be a huge integrity move as every other firm I contacted had a lower level employee call me back. Nothing wrong with that per se, but to have the lawyer whose name is on the door personally return my call meant a hell of a lot to me and was ultimately why I decided to meet with them first.I made an appointment and met Mr. Willens and the fantastic young attorney David Baez in their offices and they were wonderful to deal with. They are down-to-earth, funny, intelligent, tenacious, capable, experienced lawyers who explained the entire process to me in a way I could understand and made me feel comfortable and confident, and we were off and running with my case.I work in a law firm and I know exactly how slowly the wheels of justice turn, and my case was settled in about half the time that these things normally take! Amazing results. Mr. Baez and his team were incredible throughout and kept me informed every step of the way, and negotiated a higher settlement number and a lower fee for the insurance company in the eleventh hour which meant more money in my pocket!! I wholeheartedly recommend this law firm for your personal injury case. They are highly skilled and I couldn't be happier. This organization is fantastic and they will produce results for you.
15:01 05 Jun 18
Matt has been there for us every step of the way. He, personally, has taken the time to answer all of our questions. We never feel like we are bothering him or pestering him. We have only experienced patience and professionalism from both Matt and his team.
Maribeth C.
15:45 03 May 18
David was very good at keeping me up to date with what was going on and helping with every step throughout the entire process. I could not have asked for better representation.
Jennifer B.
21:14 24 Apr 18
David Baez was an excellent representation of the Willens Law Office. He achieved my desired result along with keeping me updated during the entire process. Very fortunate to have him by my side - thank you David.
keith B.
19:29 20 Apr 18
Matt is an impressive attorney and person! Took on State Farm and won for me. Highly recommend Matt for PI cases.
Danielle B.
22:47 10 Apr 18
This Law firm has been very prompt and kind in dealing with my case. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who needs injury lawyers.
F Z.
22:45 10 Apr 18
I used Willens Law for a personal injury claim. Matt was knowledgeable and professional. He also responded quickly which I really appreciated. I would definitely recommend.
Robyn R.
21:44 29 Mar 18
After a bad auto accident, and months of rehab, Matt Willens and his staff worked with me as though they were part of my family. They were professional, courteous and looking out for my best interest during the entire legal process. I would highly recommend Willens Law Offices for any personal injury.
dan B.
19:27 25 Mar 18

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You are not legally required to have a personal injury attorney to handle your injury claim. You could file all the necessary paperwork yourself and represent yourself in court. However, your chances of winning your case and getting the compensation you deserve are much higher if you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Why You Shouldn't Settle Directly With An Insurance Company

Insurance providers will try to get you to settle quickly. In the midst of your crisis, they might offer you what seems like a large dollar amount. The problem is they rarely make an offer of settlement for the true full cost of your damages. Don’t be misled, hospital bills aren’t the only things for which you will need compensation. You also need to keep in mind the suffering and pain associated with your traumatic event. 

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