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No need to feel bad about pursuing an injury claim

You have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. They didn’t intend to injure you, but nevertheless, you’re injured.

You now have incurred medical bills, lost wages from work and are having pain. Should you feel bad about pursuing a personal injury claim? Should you feel bad about considering hiring an Illinois personal injury attorney? Absolutely not!

There is no shame is pursuing an injury claim with an attorney to protect your rights. It’s no secret that Illinois injury attorneys are often wrongfully viewed as being quick to sue and that they do so over frivolous claims. Frankly, this is true in some cases. There are always “bad apples” that give injury attorneys a bad name. However, by pursuing an injury claim, you, along with a respectable plaintiff’s attorney are enforcing rules, the laws, that govern our everyday lives.

Take the rules of the road for example. If driver A rear ends driver B, causing a car or truck accident, then the driver A has likely violated the rules of the road, i.e. following too closely to another vehicle. Driver A’s violation of those rules caused injuries to driver B, which would not have occurred in this instance, but for the violation. By filing a claim, you and your injury attorney, by filing a claim, would be simply enforcing the rules that govern our day-to-day lives.

Just recently I had a client stop by the office because she suffered a broken bone after a slip and fall in a restaurant. She said she had feelings of guilt by consulting with an injury lawyer. I explained that there is no need to feel guilty. The restaurant owner owed her a duty to prevent harm from coming to her as a patron, yet violated this duty by failing to properly clean the floors of his restaurant. His failure to do so caused injuries to her. As such, by pursuing a claim against his insurance company, we are enforcing the rules, not just to make our client whole again but to hopefully incentivize him to keep his floors clean and prevent harm to other patrons.

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