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Award-Winning Uber & Lyft Rideshare Accident Lawyers in Berwyn, IL

Willens & Baez is a top-rated law firm with an award-winning team of Berwyn Personal Injury Lawyers and Uber or Lyft Rideshare Accident Attorneys who can help you when you have been injured in a rideshare accident as an Uber or Lyft driver or rider. Since we charge no legal fees, unless and until we succeed in obtaining a monetary recovery for you, you can count on us fighting hard to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

We know that an injury case has the potential to take over a person’s life, making it difficult to move forward. People turn to us for the dedicated, caring help they require, regardless of the type of accident they were in or the type of injury sustained. We want to help them take control of their situation so they can focus on what matters most — getting back on track. This is also why many of our firm’s cases are referred to us by other lawyers and law firms who trust us to handle their friends, family members, and clients’ personal injury cases.

Why Let Willens & Baez handle your Berwyn Rideshare Accident?

Berwyn Uber & Lyft Rideshare Accident AttorneysIt sure seems that Rideshare services have all but replaced taxi cabs in the Berwyn area. Uber and Lyft are now household names in the ridesharing industry. Both offer similar services. And with both, safety is a hot topic, with a significant number of accidents, and a disturbing amount of sexual assault cases making news headlines.

Both Uber and Lyft claim to take passenger safety seriously. Both companies require potential drivers to undergo a criminal background check. Both companies also require potential drivers to pass a driving history check, have a valid driver’s license, and are at least 21 years old with at least one year of licensed driving experience.

Regardless of safety, there are still accidents due to driver negligence and sadly, there are still sexual assaults. Willens Injury Lawyers has a great deal of experience in handling rideshare accident cases and can assist you if you are one of the unfortunate ones who was the victim of a rideshare mishap.

Effective representation and professional client treatment are two major reasons why people in Berwyn trust Willens & Baez.

If you were the victim of rideshare negligence, you may have questions: Can I sue the company? Who is responsible for my damages after an Uber or Lyft accident in Illinois? Who was in the wrong? Do I need a lawyer to assist me with my case against Uber, Lyft or any other responsible parties? What should I do after an Uber or Lyft Accident? These questions and undoubtedly others can be answered by Willens Injury Lawyers if you contact us for your free, no-obligation, consultation.

Willens & Baez serve Berwyn and surrounding areas. We are available 24/7. If you can’t come to us, we’ll arrange to come to you. Your consultation with us is free.

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Millions in Case Verdicts & Settlements

Over the past two decades, Mr. Willens and his team of Illinois personal injury lawyers have been instrumental in obtaining numerous million-dollar-plus recoveries on behalf of clients in a wide variety of injury cases. One of the personal injury verdicts he was involved in was recognized by The National Law Journal as one of the Top 100 Verdicts in the country in the year in which it was tried. One of the verdicts he helped secure set a state record.


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