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Referring Attorneys

Referring Attorneys

At Willens & Baez, we are proud to be the go-to firm for many Illinois lawyers and law firms. Other lawyers regularly refer people to our law firm for their personal injury and wrongful death cases. In fact, more than half of our cases are referred by lawyers in other firms. These votes of confidence mean a great deal to Willens & Baez. They are a testimony of our success and the trust the firm has built with other lawyers.

Though we are based in Chicago, we have litigated (and tried) cases throughout Illinois.  We have extensive experience in all areas of personal injury litigation and have obtained numerous million-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.  Regardless if the case that is referred to us is a million-dollar-plus case or not, we make sure that all clients of the firm receive top-notch personal service.

Why Willens & Baez?

Why do lawyers refer personal injury and wrongful death case to Willens Law Offices? We think that they know from experience in referring clients to Willens & Baez that the firm’s lawyers will treat their referrals (often clients, friends or family members) with as much care and attention as the referring lawyer would.   We value our referring lawyers’ relationships with the people that they are referring to us.

In addition, we are a small firm…intentionally.  Willens & Baez is not a factory where inexperienced lawyers and legal assistants churn through hundreds and thousands of files each year for quick below full value settlements. Rather, we carefully evaluate every case before taking it on. When a lawyer sends us a case, we commit ourselves to making the referral process a smooth and beneficial experience for everyone involved.  Once the referral is made, we will contact the client immediately and promptly investigate the case.  We keep our referring lawyers apprised of every significant development both before and after the clients retain us.

Once we decide to take on a case, we aggressively fight for our clients to obtain the maximum monetary recovery possible.  Our system of handling a limited amount of personal injury and wrongful death cases makes it much easier to expedite the necessary pre-trial work and bring cases to their conclusion much faster than most firms.  To our referring lawyers, this not only means that their clients are satisfied, it means that they get their referral checks faster.

The Referring Lawyer’s Role

Most referring attorneys prefer no involvement with the case once the fee-sharing agreement is executed.  Some prefer a high level of involvement and others like to be present only at critical steps of the case.  That’s up to our referring lawyers.  We are flexible to most arrangements and are happy to accommodate our referring lawyers’ desires.

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Many lawyers who do not regularly handle personal injury cases simply do not have the time nor the desire to learn everything needed to know in order to handle the complexities of personal injury claims.  Some may lack the resources required to properly handle a personal injury claim.  Others may not know the ins and outs of the Illinois courts.  Willens & Baez views the business of referrals as both a logical and practical way for lawyers with little or no personal injury law experience to increase their chances of prevailing on behalf of their referrals and, at the same time, earning a substantial fee.  Our aggressive fee splitting program, which complies with the Supreme Court of Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, assures that referrals are profitable for our referring lawyers.

If your client has a personal injury or wrongful death case which falls outside the range of your practice, we welcome the opportunity to work together to achieve a just result.  Call us at 312-957-4166.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Millions in Case Verdicts & Settlements

Over the past two decades, Mr. Willens and his team of Chicago personal injury lawyers have been instrumental in obtaining numerous million-dollar-plus recoveries on behalf of clients in a wide variety of injury cases. One of the personal injury verdicts he was involved in was recognized by The National Law Journal as one of the Top 100 Verdicts in the country in the year in which it was tried. One of the verdicts he helped secure set a state record.



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