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Surprising Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Could Help You

Surprising Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Nobody plans to need a personal injury lawyer, but an accident can happen to anyone. At Willens Injury Law Offices, we have been fortunate to assist thousands of wronged plaintiffs for more than a decade. Besides the necessary legal representation, there are other ways we can help you. These include:

Completing a Professional Investigation

Our firm has the resources to conduct professional investigations by documenting the accident scene, interviewing witnesses, and developing theories about how an accident occurred. See here for information about What Are the Duties of an Injury Lawyer.

Connecting with Medical Providers

Our injury lawyers have forged professional relationships with medical practitioners. These practitioners will provide you with medical services in favor of lien on a potential settlement. The practitioners have extensive experience in understanding your injuries’ extent and nature. They will help in building a strong case for you.

Better Assessing Damages

After an accident, you might only think of the immediate impacts. However, our personal injury professionals in Chicago, Rolling Meadows, and Joliet, IL will identify a more accurate estimate of the accident’s immediate and long-term effects. These include loss of earning capacity and pain and suffering. We also work with economists to better assess the impacts of an accident. This way, we can value your claim to ensure you get maximum compensation. 

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