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The Pokemon Go Craze

The Pokemon Go Craze chicago car accident distracted driving

The original Pokémon craze of the 1990s has now been taken over by a bigger craze. Thanks to its more technologically advanced version, hunting for fantasy creatures has been made more real. However, this craze has created problems of its own kind. Today, it is difficult to travel anywhere without noticing people constantly staring at a cell […]

Lawyers Discuss Distracted Driving

Lawyers Discuss Distracted Driving woman distracted by cell phone while driving

Cell phones are one of the biggest causes of distracted driving. A recent federal government funded study was conducted on driving habits and distractions by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI). Researchers found shocking results about the extent of distracted driving. Mobile phones were the most common distraction that people were engaging in while driving. Texting while driving accounted […]

Car Accidents on Chicago Highways

Car Accidents on Chicago Highways

Traffic congestion in Chicago continues to cause delays and auto accidents. Peak traffic hours mean bumper-to-bumper traffic on a daily basis. Traffic jams lead to delays, thereby increasing the probability of car accidents. Car accidents happen because of a number of reasons. Collisions are caused by speeding vehicles, distracted drivers, and bad driving habits such as illegal lane changing and […]

Stationary Car Accidents

Stationary Car Accidents

When a moving vehicle hits a non-moving vehicle, the results can be deadly. Stationary Chicago car accidents are more common than you may think. Most car accidents occur between two vehicles. Statistics show that even single vehicle accidents are more common compared to stationary car accidents, but this does not mean that just because the […]

Types of Distracted Driving Accidents

Types of Distracted Driving Accidents

Did you know that distracted driving injures an estimated 1,150 people and kills an average of 9 people, every day? We know the dangers associated with multi-tasking behind the wheel. However, distracted driving continues to be a serious problem and is the cause of thousands of auto accidents every year. It is estimated that distracted […]

Distracted Driving Laws in Chicago

Distracted Driving Laws in Chicago auto accident attorney texting driving

In 2013, distracted driving accidents caused a total of 3,154 deaths. The number of injuries caused by distracted driving increased to around 424,000 in 2013. Of the drivers ages 20 or younger who were involved in serious road accidents, around 10 percent were distracted at the time of the accident. Approximately 660,000 drivers use some kind of electronic device […]

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