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Things You Must Know About Lincolnwood, Illinois

Things You Must Know About Lincolnwood, Illinois

Lincolnwood, IL is a city in Cook County, IL, United States. The population was about 12,500 at the last census. It is situated south of downtown Chicago along the west side of the city on the southern border of the suburb of Avon Park, but only a short distance north of Prospect Park on the northern boundary. It is known for its suburbs with a number of high rises and apartments, as well as for its close-knit, middle-class neighborhoods, with a lot of senior citizens living in the areas that are on the south and west sides of Lincolnwood. It is the home of several prominent companies including General Electric, which is located in a new skyscraper downtown. In the past several years, there has been significant growth in the Lincolnwood area, with some of the best housing tracts being built and many people moving in from the suburbs. Find further facts here.

Because of this growth, Lincolnwood has developed a reputation as a high crime area. However, this reputation is due mainly to high levels of unemployment, and to large numbers of people who live in the area illegally. The police force in this area is very small, so it is not easy to gain a sense of security in Lincolnwood, Illinois. Due to the reputation for high crime in the area, Lincolnwood, IL has a low crime rate. There have been fewer violent crimes in the area recently, due to a new program that the police department has implemented in response to the high crime rates. Read about Why You Should Make a Trip to Lyons, Illinois here.

Lincolnwood, IL is one of the most important cities in the suburban area of Illinois. Its downtown is the center of business in Lincolnwood, IL. The Lincolnwood Museum of Art and Science is located downtown. The Illinois State University is located in a large suburban park in the center of the city, called Metra Line Park. Lincolnwood was incorporated as a city in 1916, and the downtown area was built after World War II, primarily for military purposes. Today, Lincolnwood has a vibrant economy, with a large number of corporations and small businesses located downtown.

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