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Truck Blind Spot Accidents

Because of large blind spots, a truck driver cannot always spot all vehicles easily.

In motor vehicles, a blind spot is defined as an area which the driver cannot see directly while operating the vehicle. A truck driver is required to check any blind spots with the help of properly adjusted mirrors. Not checking all blind spots can make a truck or car driver liable in case of a truck accident. All drivers should be aware of other drivers while on the road and make necessary accommodations for them. Because of large blind spots, a truck driver cannot always spot all vehicles easily.

Blind Spots on Commercial Trucks

Commercial trucks have larger blind spot areas than cars. Major blind spots include:

  • right in front of the cab
  • right behind the driver’s window
  • the right side of the truck
  • just behind the trailer or storage area

The first step a truck driver should do is to utilize all available mirrors on the truck and eliminate as many blind spots as possible. Truck drivers must also be extra careful when changing lanes. (Learn more about avoiding no-zones and blind spots.)

Establishing Liability in Truck Blind Spot Accidents

Car drivers need to give trucks sufficient space when driving near them. In the event of an accident, a jury may review any available footage to determine whether the car driver maintained enough distance from the truck. If the jury finds that the car driver was too close, the car driver may be liable.

Often, the truck driver is the one held accountable for the accident and is liable for damages. If a truck driver has not received the necessary training, the truck company that hired the driver can be liable for not providing proper training. If the truck driver does not have the appropriate license, he or she may be liable for the accident. Negligent hiring is another factor that may make a truck company liable for any truck crashes. This includes failure to check the required licenses and driving record of the driver.

Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck driver who has failed to follow and respect the the rules of the road can be held liable for any personal injuries caused. If you or a loved one has suffered injury because of a negligent driver, call Willens Injury Law Offices at (312) 957-4166.

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