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What to Expect from an Injury Lawyer

Expectations for a Personal Injury Attorney in Illinois

When you hire an injury attorney, there are some things you should expect from them. Willens Injury Law Offices has highlighted the key ones.

Explain the Terms of Agreement

You will likely sign a fee agreement with your lawyer. The lawyer should write the contract in clear terms. It should outline what the lawyer should do and how much the fees should be. The lawyer should address all concerns and ensure you are comfortable with the terms. Information about How Can I Help a Lawyer Win my Injury Case? can be found here.


personal injury attorney expectations in Chicago Rolling Meadows Joliet IL


Respond To Your Inquiries

A lawyer should do a great job when communicating with you. The lawyer should respond to calls, emails, and text messages within a reasonable time. After all, you do not have to fight to notice yourself.

Treat You with Respect

Injury law can be uncertain and stressful. But this is not an excuse to be treated poorly. You should expect the utmost respect and consideration from your lawyer.

Client Testimonials

It would help if you were sure that you are hiring the right personal injury lawyer with hundreds of dollars at stake. Listening to or reading clients’ testimonials will give you insights into this. Your lawyer should provide a list of past clients. You can call them to learn more about the lawyer’s quality of services.

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