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Willens and Baez secure a $351,000.00 settlement in a contested motor vehicle collision case

Willens and Baez secure a $351,000.00 settlement in a contested motor vehicle collision case

On May 7, 2021, at approximately 5:30 AM, our client was driving Westbound at 8900 W Grand Ave in River Grove, Illinois when he was stuck by a vehicle heading Eastbound. The driver of the at fault vehicle lost control of his Ford Explorer and crossed the dividing line. Our client attempted to evade the collision, swerving aggressively to his left, when the Ford Explorer violently collided with the passenger side of his vehicle.

Our client had a family member drive him to the hospital, where underwent several X-Rays to his shoulder and neck, and a CT scan to rule out any intracranial hemorrhaging or fracture to his skull. Our client was then initially diagnosed with acute pain to the right shoulder and given Tylenol to help manage his pain. It wasn’t until a month later, after the pain had yet to subside, that our client was properly diagnosed with a labral tear (Type 1 slap tear) and partial tear of the supraspinatus. This diagnosis required surgical intervention to his right shoulder and extensive therapy to increase his strength and improve his range of motion.

At the time of the car crash officers provided our client with a policy that was said to have covered the at fault driver. Upon initial inquiry it was discovered that this policy only had coverage of $25,000.00 for any and all bodily injury claims. With the extent of our client’s injuries, it was imperative that we investigate any other possible sources of recovery. After digging deep, it was discovered that at the time of the incident the at-fault driver was actually in the commission of delivering a package for a company. This revelation meant that the coverage for this incident was now significantly more substantial under the newly-discovered corporate policy. After many attempts of challenging liability, on baseless claims, and contesting the severity and nature of our client’s injuries, we were able to utilize our litigation skills to reach a $351,000.00 settlement for our client.

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