Worst Intersections in Joliet IL For Traffic Accidents

Worst Intersections in Joliet IL For Traffic Accidents

All roads pose danger to a certain extent but some intersections are far riskier than others. Although Joliet ranked better than Chicago in terms of the country’s safest driving cities from  the Allstate Insurance Company, it still has its share of roads you need to be more careful than the rest.

Avoiding the danger

Throughout the years, it appears that vehicle-related accidents have been rising. In fact, from 2015 to 2017, a total of 16,067 crashes occurred. This resulted in approximately 2,700 injuries with 16 fatalities.

Likewise, estimated property damage cases in automobile accidents numbered 13,257. If you want to make sure you won’t be part of these statistics then you should best watch out for the following intersections:

Caton Farm R. and Frontage Rd.

This is considered the deadliest area in Joliet in recent times. It has a total of nine collisions and 9 injuries from the latest data.

IL-59 & and Vermette Circle

The second deadliest so far in terms of collision and injuries is IL-59 & and Vermette Circle. The count for this intersection is 7 and 2 respectively.

Other areas you should be careful of include:

  • IL-53 and S. Chicago St. – 6 collisions and 1 injury
  • IL-59 and W. Caton Farm R. – 5 collisions and 2 injuries
  • IL-59 and Riverwalk Dr. – 5 collisions and 1 injury
  • Jefferson and Hammes – 5 collisions and 1 injury Larkin and Jefferson – 5 collisions

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Despite the numbers indicating that road-related accidents happen several times in Joliet, this doesn’t prepare anyone for what they might encounter. Some types of accidents you can encounter in these dangerous roads include:

  • rear-end crash – the most common type of vehicle collision
  • hydroplaning – rain and ice can result in slippery roads causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles
  • animal collision – wild animals crossing the street can surprise anyone on the road
  • side-impact crash – this happens when a driver fails to adhere to the right of way resulting to side-impact collision
  • pedestrian accidents – pedestrians not crossing properly or abruptly crossing can cause collisions too

Being involved in an accident can be quite stressful. You have to fill out several documents, file claims,  and even go through medical treatment depending on the impact of the accident. It is always best to:

  • be alert when driving
  • check conditions before going out and driving
  • assess yourself on whether you can drive or not – sometimes lack of sleep or stress can distract drivers leading to more problems

If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident then you should consult a lawyer. At Willens Law Offices, we have the right attorneys to assist you with everything related to road-related accidents and personal injury claims.

Updated: November 19, 2018