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How an Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help if Your Claim Has Been Denied

Many auto accident claims are denied in the hope that the claimant will not appeal the decision or employ an auto accident lawyer to help them with their case.

How an Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help if Your Claim Has Been Denied

If you have been in an auto accident and your insurance claim is denied due to alleged negligence or for coverage reasons, or it is denied without specific reasons, a qualified Chicago Auto Accident Lawyer can help. Determining your best course of action is not easy without experienced representation.

Why Auto Accident Claims Are Often Denied

Claims are often denied because of reporting or procedural deficiencies that adjusters cannot ignore. Some claims are denied in the hope that the claimant will not appeal the decision, which saves the insurance company money. In many cases, denials are worded to convey minimal information or have information that is clearly misleading. However, an experienced car accident lawyer understands how to determine why an insurance claim has been denied.

For an insurance adjuster, the average claimant is not a priority. They deal with hundreds, possibly thousands of claims at a given time and your insurance claim may not be as important to them as it is to you.

Insurance Companies Tactics

No matter how clear it may seem as to whom was at fault in the accident, the insurance companies often launch an investigation which usually involves calling the person who is injured.  At no time do you need to dignify their inquiries by talking to them.

An insurance company will rarely offer someone without a reputable personal injury lawyer a full and fair settlement. Keep in mind that insurance companies make billions of dollars by collecting as much as they can in premiums from ordinary people, then paying out as little as possible when claims are made. Their tactics of deny, delay, defend have been a mainstay after an accident for many, many years.

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