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Car Accidents

Practice AreasNow, more than ever, is the time to practice safe, defensive driving in Chicago – and in all of Illinois. Why? Because the city and the state have become far more dangerous places for motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians since 2015. In 2016, 1,055 persons died in car accidents in Illinois, the second year in a row this grim statistic exceeded 1,000 deaths. Traffic accidents with more than 1,000 fatalities last occurred in 2008. [Read More…]

Motorcycle Accidents

Practice AreasWhen it comes to motorcycles, we know that no matter how careful you are, you cannot control the choices of truck and car drivers around you. As the saying goes, “there are those who have been in accidents and those who are likely to be in accidents.” [Read More…]

Truck Accidents

Practice Areas

Tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and semi-trucks are a part of the American way of life, transporting goods for us. But even though you have to regularly share the road with these large vehicles, you don’t have to accept the injuries and damage they cause. In a city like Chicago or a state like Illinois, where busy highways traverse fickle weather and geography, truck accidents happen. [Read More…]

Bicycle Accident

Practice AreasThroughout Chicago, biking can be a preferred method of traveling. Chicago hosts over 200 miles of bike lanes and there are plans to increase the the lanes by 445 miles by 2020. Even with lanes dedicated to bicyclists, accidents involving vehicles will still occur. When a car hits your bike, damage to the car is minor, while the damage to your bike and your body will be severe. [Read More…]

Birth Injury

Practice AreasOne of the happiest and most rewarding days of a parent’s life is the birth of their child. If the birth results in injuries or even the loss of life, however, this picture-perfect day can quickly turn into a nightmare. Studies show that for every 1,000 babies born in the United States, approximately six to eight of them will be injured at birth. [Read More…]

Slip and Fall

Practice Areas

We all do it. We go to the grocery store to buy food and sundries. It is a luxury of modern society. However, a stroll down the household cleaners aisle shouldn’t be a life-altering event. But when a careless employee fails to clean up a dishwashing soap spill, causing you to slip and fall, it could be just that. You could be facing severe back and head injuries with their accompanying chronic complications. [Read More…]

Premises Liability

Practice Areas

When you go to work, go shopping, or visit a movie or restaurant, you should be safe from harm. If the property owner was negligent and you get injured as a result, they may be legally obligated to compensate you. Towards that end, Willens & Baez can help you claim the compensation you deserve by developing a premises liability case. [Read More…]

Medical Malpractice

Practice AreasWe commonly entrust our health to doctors and hospitals, expecting them to care for us with their knowledge, experience, and professionalism. That is why it is especially distressing when a negligent physician or medical staff causes injury to a patient. [Read More…]

Workers Compensation

Practice AreasAs an employee or worker in Illinois, you are protected by the law from harm brought on by others’ negligence. If you have been badly injured because of someone else’s fault while you were doing your job, you are likely entitled to workers’ compensation. But it’s not always easy to claim the compensation you deserve.  [Read More…]

Wrongful Death

Practice Areas

There is no pain comparable to losing a loved one. The unimaginable sense of loss becomes even more painful when you know that someone else’s carelessness caused the tragedy. In the aftermath of your loved one’s death, taking legal action may not be on the top of your mind. But pursuing a wrongful death claim may just be key to your true healing.

[Read More…]

Bus Accident

Practice AreasChicago is a center for public transportation. Each morning school buses packed with children and CTA buses filled with commuters move out through the city and suburbs. Tourists pile onto guided tours throughout the city. Thousands of people use public transit each and every day. [Read More…]

Boating Accident

Practice AreasEach summer, thousands leave their Chicago homes for a day out on Lake Michigan or one of Illinois’ other bodies of water. Whether you are taking a pleasure cruise, fishing or wake boarding, the blue waters offer an escape from the mundane activities of daily life. [Read More…]

Construction Accidents

Practice AreasA construction site of any size is an accident waiting to happen. A young couple hired a company to replace their roof. The woman was seriously injured when a Skilsaw fell through an opening in the roof and hit her while she was walking to her kitchen. Conversely, on a large construction site, to speed up work the foreman disabled the safety features on the freight elevator on the side of the multistory structure. [Read More…]

Dog Bites

Practice Areasf you are living in Chicago, you are sharing your city with a lot of animals. Though pets still don’t outnumber the people, it has been estimated that there are over one million dogs in Chicago alone. Most can be considered man’s best friend. Unfortunately, there are a number of aggressive dogs that will attack and bite. Adults aren’t the only victims; children are more often mauled. [Read More…]

Mass Transit Accident

Practice AreasIf you have been hurt in a mass transit accident, you need the help of an experienced lawyer to give you the best odds for compensation. The award winning Chicago Mass Transit Lawyers of Willens & Baez have significant experience handling transportation accidents and mass transit injury cases and we understand how to gather the appropriate evidence and successfully prosecute the case. [Read More…]

Pedestrian Accident

Practice Areas

The Chicago pedestrian accident lawyers of Willens & Baez, understand that recovery from a pedestrian accident can be difficult and expensive. In any accident involving a pedestrian and a car, bus, train, truck or other motor vehicle, there is a likelihood of serious injuries. Even at low speeds, a pedestrian can suffer catastrophic injuries or death when struck by several thousand pounds of moving steel. [Read More…]

Plane Accident

Practice AreasAviation accidents can, and often do result in serious injury or death. This often highly complex practice area requires strong technical and legal skills. It takes highly skilled airplane accident attorneys to know and understand the various state, national and international laws that govern personal injury, wrongful death and survival claims in aviation cases. [Read More…]

Product Liability

Practice AreasIf you take a look around your home or work, you will notice how much you depend upon products and equipment. Our kitchens are full of appliances; our garages have enough power toys to make children envious. Without thinking about it, you use thousands of products each and every day. When your equipment stops working, you might become frustrated. When your products malfunction, you could be seriously injured. [Read More…]

Taxi Accidents

Practice AreasThe public transportation system includes approximately seven thousand taxi cabs that run throughout the city and its suburbs. Chicago taxi drivers are generally trained and experienced professionals, however they are still exposed to the risk of traffic accidents. This risk is higher for taxi drivers because they often have to rush from one location to another, either on their customers’ request or in search of their next fare. [Read More…]

Train Accidents

Practice AreasIf you live in Chicago and you need to get somewhere you might ride the L. The system provides over 100 miles of tracks throughout Chicago. If you’ve ridden the L, you know that sometimes maintenance and upkeep aren’t always at their highest levels. Accidents resulting in severe injury become more likely as service levels decrease. You or someone you know could be the next victim. [Read More…]


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