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Hand injuries are among the worst types of car accident injuries because they affect day-to-day functions and abilities.

Chicago Hand Injury AttorneysHands are our prime means of doing everyday tasks such as eating, writing, showering, driving, sports, and virtually everything else that we do in our daily lives. When a person sustains a serious hand injury on one or both hands, it can become difficult to perform daily tasks. In some cases, the victim may never be able to use his or her hands as they did before the injury. Even a minor fender bender can cause a serious hand injury. These injuries are normally caused by the force of impact of the crash. Symptoms such as pain, swelling, and bruising become immediately evident.

Hand Fractures

Direct trauma during the impact of the crash can cause broken bones in the hand. One of the most common types of hand fractures suffered in car accidents are known as “boxer’s fracture”. This type of fracture occurs in the bones that form the knuckles and affects drivers who had their hands on the steering wheel during the crash. Treatment depends on the location and severity of the fracture. It may consist of immobilization, reduction, surgery, and medication.

Ligament Injuries

Another common type of car accident-related hand injury is a ligament injury. Ligaments are the tissues responsible for stabilizing joints by attaching various bones together. Direct trauma to the hand or hypertension of a joint can cause ligament tears or sprains. A ligament sprain is treated by using an immobilization device to help the finger heal. Torn ligaments often require surgical intervention.

Joint Dislocation

A serious trauma to the finger can cause dislocation of joints. There are various joints that can become dislocated and the most common among them is the proximal IP joint, the middle knuckle of the finger. Treatment involves resetting or reduction of the dislocation to set the bone back in its original position. After this, an immobilization device such as a splint is used to keep the joint in place while it heals.

Seeking Damages for a Hand Injury

A serious hand injury can have long-term consequences. A victim may never be able to use his or her hand like they did before the injury, or it may take a very long time to resume normal function of the hand. If you have sustained a hand injury in a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may have a claim. You can claim all past and future medical bills lost wages, and other damages from the at-fault driver. Seek legal help from a Chicago car accident lawyer to ensure that you get the rightful damages. Call Willens & Baez at (312) 957-4166 for a free consultation.

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