Wrongful Death Lawyer Chicago – Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful Death Lawyer Chicago – Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney

Accidents can result in severe injuries, trauma and even death. A wrongful death occurs from the negligence or careless actions of someone else.

With that loss comes grieving, yet losing a loved one can also leave you without companionship and a source of income while adding the extra burden of paying for an unexpected funeral. Willens Law Offices is dedicated to helping the people of Chicago recover compensation for accidents resulting in wrongful death.

Causes of Wrongful Death Accidents

Accidents resulting in wrongful death can occur from hazards at work, malfunctioning equipment at home, or even from your doctor. Our team of skilled lawyer will be able to assist you with any accident resulting in wrongful death. We specialize in wrongful death cases involving motor vehicles.

Wrongful death cases involving vehicles

With the number of cars and trucks in Chicago, the probability of an accident resulting in a wrongful death is high. Driver negligence is one of main factors in an accident.

  • Recklessness: When people are in a hurry, a severe accident is waiting to occur.
  • Driving distracted: We have all seen them, drivers putting on makeup or not paying attention to the road.
  • Texting: Some people care more about their phones than your safety.
  • Drunk driving: Impaired drivers will make serious mistakes.

Willens Law Offices Can Help

Losing a loved one is terrible. Holding the guilty party accountable can provide closure. Willens Law Offices can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Our skilled lawyers will review your case and listen to your concerns. It is our goal to represent you, using all of the skill and experience we have. We want to make certain that you receive compensation for loss of income, funeral and medical expenses, loss of companionship, and the pain and suffering associated with losing a loved one. If someone you love has passed away because of the negligence of another, you need professional representation.  Willens Law Offices is ready to assist you. Call today for your free consultation.

Updated: June 30, 2015