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Aurora Bicycle Accident Attorneys – Bike Accident Lawyer Aurora, IL

Aurora Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Aurora Illinois

Bicyclists are generally more in tune with their city and have time to take notice of roads they aren’t traveling and locations of the best coffee shops.

The personal and environmental benefits of becoming a bicyclist are too numerous to count. Not only does cycling help to break up the monotony of a sedentary lifestyle but it requires no fuel. Bicycling produces no carbon gases, requires no oil, and gives your cardiovascular system a leg up. Bicyclists are generally more in tune with their city and have time to take notice of roads they aren’t traveling and locations of the best coffee shops. There can be very little debate that bicycling is an all around fabulous way to travel through the beautiful City of Chicago while helping to cut down on the pollution in the area. What, then, could be the downside?

The Dangers of Bicycling

Despite the many benefits of bicycling, committing yourself to motor-less, two-wheeled transportation certainly has its downside. The main problem with traveling by bike is that you are placed in a greater degree of danger when traveling around other vehicles, such as cars and semi-trucks. While motorists have the protection of steel cages around them in the event of a wreck, bicyclists having nothing but their body.

Because of this, injuries sustained in a bicycle accident can be extremely severe, and may include:

Of course, some catastrophic accidents may even lead to death, especially if the bicyclist chose to not wear a helmet while riding.

Recovering Compensation for Your Accident

If you have been struck while riding your bike, your thoughts may be focused on physical recovery. In light of this, let the attorneys at Willens & Baez focus on your financial recovery so that you can rest your concerns about medical bills, time away from work, and other costs associated with your injuries.

The Aurora bicycle accident attorneys at Willens & Baez have years of experience protecting the rights of cyclists in Chicago, and we are prepared to help you recover due compensation for the injuries you suffered. Reach out to us today for a consultation and to learn how we may be of assistance in your case.

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