Fatal Cyclists Accidents & City Truck Side Guards & Mirrors

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a series of devastating accidents in Chicago and nearby cities where cyclists were killed after colliding with right-turning trucks. The City of Chicago responded to this by passing a new ordinance requiring city-contracted trucks to install side guards and additional mirrors. The ordinance is to be implemented in […]

Chicago Dockless Bikes & Electric Scooters: What You Need To Know

Have you noticed those brightly colored bikes and scooters on Chicago streets lately? Chances are, you’ve encountered one of those “dockless” vehicles – bicycles and scooters that can be rented without the need for docking stations. Equipped with digital locking mechanisms, these two-wheelers can be unlocked with a paid smartphone app and then digitally locked […]

“Dooring” is illegal – Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorney

Chicago Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyers

“Dooring” is illegal in Chicago – Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorney Cyclists in Chicago should be aware that dooring isn’t just an unfortunate side effect of riding in a big city; it’s a legal accident and is considered the fault of the motorist. If you’re a regular cyclist in Chicago, know your rights and report motorists […]