Surgical Errors Lawyer

Chicago Surgical Errors Lawyer

You probably don’t remember your surgery. You barely remember going to sleep; and it seems that you woke up 5 seconds later. What took place in those lost hours? Hopefully something good. However, in the next few days, people begin talking in hushed tones around you. Eventually the doctor comes in and stutters and stammers through a weak explanation that sounds like he or she doesn’t plan on telling you the full truth of what happened.

What you can do

You may think that calling Willens Law Offices from your hospital bed is a little premature, but when the doctors and the hospital are busy coordinating their story, you may want some straight answers that haven’t been sanitized along with yesterday’s laundry. At Willens Law Offices, we know how to obtain the information about your surgery to determine any errors by the doctor, the nurses, or the hospital.

Who is at fault?

Typically, every aspect of your surgery is documented; however, deciphering every entry requires someone who knows and understands medical jargon. We have medical experts who can review your surgery to determine exactly what happened and why you haven’t been able to get a straight answer. The hospital and lead surgeon are responsible for the conduct of every person involved in your surgery. Consequently, a sponge left in your abdomen by a nurse, will become a liability to not only the doctor but the hospital as well. We help determine who or what entity is liable for the surgical error. Sometimes the manufacturer of the device the doctor inserted delivered a defective product; and the doctor didn’t notice. These cases, as you can see, can be very complicated. Fortunately, we have the experience and skill to handle them.

Seeking your just compensation

The surgical mistake obviously leaves you needing more surgery. We make sure you are compensated for all of you medical costs associated with the error. If it caused you to miss work, we can seek for lost income and other losses. Additionally we would factor in pain and suffering, seeking for the maximum amount allowed for your condition. A botched surgery not only costs you dearly but also could lead to trauma and PTSD the next time you need surgery. We seek for compensation for all of you losses and even any therapy required to resume your life. Give Willens Law Offices a call today.

Updated: April 16, 2015