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Resolution Reached For Severely Injured Woman In Disputed Liability Truck Accident Case

Resolution Reached For Severely Injured Woman In Disputed Liability Truck Accident Case

Willens & Baez lawyers, Matthew L. Willens and David A. Baez, have obtained a significant confidential settlement for a severely injured woman.

Our client, a 33-year-old female, was operating her car southbound on I-94 East in the fourth lane from the median in Libertyville, Illinois. At the same time and same place, the defendant truck driver was operating a truck on behalf of a trucking company, traveling southbound in the third lane from the median.

Our client switched from the fourth lane of the 5-lane section of the highway into the middle lane and the truck driver crashed into the rear of our client’s car. Her car was then turned sideways and pushed for 50-200 yards before the truck driver came to a stop. Our client feared that the truck driver was trying to murder her as she was being pushed sideways down the highway and the truck would not stop. She was trying to escape her car as it was being violently pushed down the highway. Eventually, the truck stopped. The truck driver testified in his deposition, it was not until he got down from the truck that he even noticed he had even hit something.

Our client suffered lacerations of the extensor muscles, fascia, and tendons in four of the fingers in her right hand and two of the fingers in her left hand. She suffered complete ruptures of collateral ligaments at two different joints in two fingers on her right hand. She also suffered significant burns to her thighs, chest, and face, as well as permanent soft tissue loss of both of her hands requiring multiple skin grafts and cosmetic procedures by a plastic surgeon. She underwent four significant surgeries to address the permanent disabilities associated with mobility in both of her hands. She underwent extensive physical therapy and is a candidate for future procedures, that may, or may not, improve mobility in two of her fused fingers. As of today, her permanent restrictions, especially regarding her dominant hand, and the disfigurement suffered, both in shape and pigmentations are readily apparent to the naked eye.

She incurred medical expenses of $460,078.15. Additionally, she had lost wages of $31,863. She was employed as histology technologist. She eventually was able to return to her job.

The case was litigated in Federal Court. Liability was heavily disputed as the investigating Illinois State Police Officers did an investigation report that was not at all helpful to our client. However, after extensive discovery, the defense recommended the case go to mediation. We agreed. The case went to mediation where a confidential settlement was reached with Judge Ward (Ret.) presiding.

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