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Elderly Pedestrian Awarded $100,000.00 Following A Parking Lot Collision

Elderly Pedestrian Awarded $100,000.00 Following A Parking Lot Collision

On December 21, 2023, our client, 92 years of age, was taking her weekly trip to the grocery store. Even at her age, she was fully independent and often ran her own errands. After parking her car, our client began approaching the entrance when, unsuspectingly, a vehicle began to reverse right at her. The subsequent impact knocked our client violently to the ground. Unfortunately, our client tried to brace her fall with her hands and as a result, suffered multiple fractures to both of her hands.

She was taken to a local hospital, by way of an ambulance, and remained there for two nights as they ran tests to ensure that no further damage had been sustained. Somewhat miraculously, our client did not require surgery, and did not sustain any other breaks, or tears, during her fall. Our client then returned home where she required full-time assistance as she recovered from her broken hands. She has undergone several sessions of therapy as she continues to regain strength and mobility in both of her hands.

Our office was able to mobilize in an incredibly efficient manner by first procuring the traffic crash report, obtaining all of her records and bills, identifying the at-fault driver’s insurance, and submitting a demand that would compensate our client for what she has already been through, and is continuing to experience. Following our demand, the insurance company for the at fault driver has agreed to tender the entirety of their policy, $100,000.00. Our client can now focus solely on doing everything she can to return to independent living, knowing that she now will have the resources to help her do so as expeditiously as possible.

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