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Expected Rains Increase Chicago Auto Accident Risks

Residents of Chicago are enjoying the weather – clear, blue skies for the upcoming weekend.

Expected Rains Increase Chicago Auto Accident RisksHowever, the weather is about to take a turn as a cold front comes into the Windy City, bringing a decrease in temperature and expected rain showers. Changing spring weather is considered normal in the Midwest and is just a matter of everyday life as travelers commute to work, take kids to school, and run errands. Despite how common rainfall is in Chicago, there are a number of motorists who struggle to drive safely on wet roadways, leading to a higher risk of car accidents. Here are a few safety tips to help keep you safe when driving in the rain.


Check the Tires

Tires wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced. Tires lose traction as the rubber is compromised and the tires degrade as they rack up mileage. If tires do not have enough tread, your car could hydroplane on the wet pavement. Tires should have at least 4/32-inch tread at minimum, while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends no less than 2/32-inch.


Increase Following Distance

Traveling on a wet road means that you need to allow yourself more time to come to a complete stop. Keep your car farther from the vehicle ahead of you in traffic. Doing so will allow you to have plenty of time to stop before an intersection with a stop sign or before turning left or right.


Limit Your Speed

Speeding is the cause of 50 percent of car accidents and the risk increases when speeding on a wet roadway. It is better to slow down by about five or ten miles per hour when it is raining.


Stay Calm

It is best to make sure you are not driving stressed, angry, or panicked when it is raining. Do not allow yourself to become distracted from driving and arrive safely to your destination.


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