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Insurance Policy Limits on Injury Payouts

When you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, that person often doesn’t have enough money on hand to properly compensate you for your injuries. This is true in most cases, in fact, and it is typically a person or business’s insurance company that will pay you for your personal injury.

Motor Vehicle Insurance Limits

One of the most common situations where policy limits become an issue is car accident injuries. In Illinois, the required minimum injury coverage limit is $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident. If you’ve been in the hospital for your personal injury, it’s likely your costs are higher than that, especially once you add in lost wages.

Property Insurance Limits

Another possible situation in which insurance limits may be an issue is the case of a slip and fall accident. In this case, insurance limits may be higher, $100,000 is pretty typical, and $300,000 or more is not uncommon.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Doctors and other healthcare providers are required to maintain medical malpractice insurance. Typical limits are $1 million per occurrence or $3 million aggregate for an individual practitioner. Hospitals and other facilities are generally higher.

Multiple Coverages

Often, your personal injury claim may be covered under multiple insurance policies. If you have underinsured motorist coverage, for example, you may be able to get compensation from your own insurance as well as the other drivers’. There are also umbrella policies associated with homeowners’ insurance that may cover car accidents and other types of accidents that occur away from the property.

At Willens & Baez, we will fight for the compensation you deserve, which means, among other things, finding out what type of insurance coverage may apply to your personal injury.

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