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Is Nighttime Motorcycle Riding Riskier?

Motorcyclists need to exercise even greater caution when riding at night.

Is Nighttime Motorcycle Riding Riskier?

Riding a motorcycle on the open roads at night can be an exhilarating experience. However, riding at night has its own risks, primarily because other drivers may fail to notice the motorcycle in time and respond appropriately. Motorcyclists need to be extra careful when riding at night. After sunset visibility becomes very low, and due to this, drivers often find it difficult to spot other vehicles, pedestrians, and motorcycles on the road. The most common cause of serious and fatal motorcycle accidents is a driver turning left in the path of the motorcycle. Many motorcycle accidents also occur when a driver rear ends the bike or changes lanes abruptly without looking out for others on the road.

Every Chicago motorcyclist must bear in mind that their motorcycle is about 10 times smaller than an average SUV, so it is important for them to make sure that they are visible on the road. They must take steps to enhance their visual presence to ensure that they can be easily spotted by other drivers on the road.

Increase Your Presence

Here are some simple tips for Chicago motorcyclists that will help them become more visible on the roadway at night.

  • Wear Bright Clothes: While dark colored leather jackets are popular among riders as they provide protection in case of an accident, it is important to use reflective material on clothing to become visible at night. Use reflective material on the front and back of helmet as well.
  • Light up the bike properly: Make sure that the front and rear lights are in perfect working order. If you go out riding at night quite often, then you should consider using bright LED headlights and halogen brake lamps.
  • Reflective tape on bike: In order to make the motorcycle visible from all angles even it is parked, you can use reflective tape on the front, rear, and sides of your bike. Brighter lights increase the visibility to a great extent.
  • Maintain a reasonable speed: This is important to avoid outrunning the headlights. You get only a limited view in the front depending on the angle of your front lamps. By riding at a reasonable speed, you minimize the risk of hitting another vehicle or object in the dark.
  • Be attentive: Even with best lighting, you cannot see an animal on the road in dark. So, you must remain fully aware of the surroundings and be prepared for the unexpected in case you have to apply sudden brakes or swerve out of the way of an obstruction such as an animal in the road.
  • Be proactive: You should equip your vehicle well for nighttime driving. Think of all the hazards that you can face, and prepare your bike for that well in advance.

Increasing Your Visibility While Riding a Motorcycle on Chicago Streets

One of the main reasons why motorcycle accidents occur in Chicago is simply because they are smaller, and easy to overlook. Especially during a time when distracted driving has reached epic numbers, even the most cautious of motorcyclists are at risk of being involved in an accident. To reduce your odds of being injured in a Chicago motorcycle crash make other vehicle drivers aware of your presence.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle collision, ask a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney for assistance. They can help you in recovering your damages and getting you and your bike back on the road.

Increasing Visibility

As a motorcyclist, you have a better chance of avoiding a crash if other drivers can see you, and are aware of  your intentions. Here are a few tips to help increase your visibility while out and cruising about Chicago roadways:

  • Know the blind spots – Drivers have blind spots, where they are unable to see an object close to their vehicle. These are generally at the side of a car, starting from the end of the door and extending all the way back to the bumper. Avoid riding next to a vehicle in their blindspot.
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  • If you can see them, they can see you – If you are unable to see the driver of a vehicle close to you, than chances are they can’t see you either. At the very least, you should be able to spot them in your mirrors.
  •  Choice of clothing – Especially if you are driving at night, you should be avoiding wearing all black from head to toe. Use reflective tape on your riding jacket and helmet at the very least in order to increase your visibility.
  • Tap on the Brakes or Flash the Headlamp – A light tap on your brake can help call attention to your presence for an oncoming motorist. For vehicles headed towards you or in front of you, you can flash your headlamp to grab their attention.
  • Add Some Auxiliary Lights – Adding a string of small lights on the side of your bike will go a long way towards increasing your visibility.
  • Always Keep a Buffer – It is up to you to drive defensively when out on your bike. Treat every car around you like it is being driven by a negligent driver, and always make sure you are leaving enough space between you to react accordingly if they make a sudden maneuver into your path.



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