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Types of Evidence personal Injury Lawyers Use

Types of Evidence personal Injury Lawyers Use

Evidence of negligence for a personal injury claim varies. An experienced attorney will know what evidence will support your claim best. In most cases, your lawyer will help you collect the following. Learn information about Chicago, IL here.

Personal Statements

It’s essential to remain consistent throughout your case. Throughout the claims process, you will tell many different people, including the responding police officer, your doctor, your insurance company, and your lawyer, what happened. The consistency you tell your side of the story will strengthen your credibility as your witness. Click here to read about Factors That A Personal Injury Lawyer Uses to Determine the Costs of a Settlement.

If witnesses were present when you were injured, their testimony could support that the opposing party was negligent.

Police Report

 A standard police report will contain information including the date, time, and location of the accident. It will also include contact information for anyone involved. The police officer who files the report will note any potentially broken laws and their assumption of what happened based on the scene’s evidence.

Photographs or Videos

 Photographic or video evidence is particularly useful in situations like slip and falls or car accidents. The photos or videos can show proof of damage and injuries and potentially the accident itself.

Medical Records

After an accident, the victim needs to seek medical attention. Even if the injuries are minor, having an official record is crucial to value a claim properly.


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