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Willens and Baez Secure a Half a Million Dollar Settlement Following Unlawful U-Turn Motorcycle Collision

Willens and Baez Secure a Half a Million Dollar Settlement Following Unlawful U-Turn Motorcycle Collision

On July 2, 2022, our client was operating his motorcycle westbound on North Avenue at the intersection of Villa Avenue in Villa Park, Illinois. He was with three other friends, occupying two motorcycles, at the time of the occurrence. It was at these very crossroads that his life would forever be altered.

A vehicle facing eastbound on North Avenue began making an unlawful U-Turn in the direct path of our client’s motorcycle. In an effort to avoid the motor vehicle, our client was forced to swerve and was caused to be ejected from his motorcycle. As a result, our client was hospitalized for ten consecutive days where it was discovered that he had suffered multiple severe fractures requiring surgical intervention. Following his week and half stay at the hospital, our client was discharged to a rehabilitation facility where he had to relearn many activities we often take for granted: walking, sitting, standing, bending, and simple balance activities.

Despite our securing video evidence of the collision, the insurance company attempted to deflect responsibility, and any accountability, by blaming our client for failing to keep a proper lookout and for “appearing”, notwithstanding a single piece of substantiating evidence, to be speeding. Our office spearheaded a pressure intense demand that forced the insurance company to tender their entire policy for all of the injured parties involved. Without our strategic aggression, it is likely that litigation would have unnecessarily dragged on for months, if not years. We are extremely proud to have delivered justice in the most aggressive and efficient manner possible.

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