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$97,000.00 Jury Verdict In Low Speed Automobile Collision After Insurance Denies Any Injury Took Place

$97,000.00 Jury Verdict In Low Speed Automobile Collision After Insurance Denies Any Injury Took Place

Our client, a 42-year-old male, suffered neck, back, and shoulder injuries following a low-speed automobile collision. The Defendant and our client agreed to exchange information and not involve the police at the time of the occurrence. The day after the collision, our client began to feel stiffness, discomfort, and slight pain but unfortunately, assumed it would subside on its own.

After three weeks, our client decided it was time to see a physician about the ongoing and worsening pain. Thirty-one days following the collision our client was finally able to see a physician, who diagnosed our client with injuries following the collision, and referred our client to therapy. Over the coming months, our client received several injections in the hope of alleviating inflammation and pain, and continued to attend therapy sessions at the referral of his physician.

The Defendant’s insurance carrier denied the claim and refused to make any offer to settle, citing the low impact nature of the collision, the month gap before our client saw a physician, and the degenerative findings in our client’s MRIs. As trial approached, defense counsel indicated that he might be able to get “cost of defense” money from the insurance carrier he represented, but never actually did, as we were not interested in anything less than full and fair justice. Most plaintiff attorneys would be delighted to obtain “cost of defense” money in a case like this. In fact, most plaintiff attorneys would be reluctant to accept and litigate a case with such “problematic” issues, nevertheless try it, but once we take a case, we stand behind our promise to deliver justice. Even on the doorsteps of trial the insurance carrier once again affirmed their position that there was no injury. We tried the case to a jury and were able to procure full and fair justice for our client!

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