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Neuropsychiatric Disorders

There are several disorders associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI), including neuropsychiatric disorders. Often, insurance companies will argue that a patient’s neuropsychiatric disorder is unrelated to a


Injured on the Job as Independent Contractor

The traditional workforce continues to shift with more and more professionals choosing to become independent contractors. Independent contractors work by the job or as freelancers. This arrangement offers


Uber Launches a Self-Driving Car

In recent years, Uber has become extremely popular, not only in Chicago, but across the U.S. Uber has become a preferred means of transport among commuters

depressed brain injury victim

Depression Common After TBI

There are various factors that can contribute to development of depression after a traumatic brain injury. When someone feels depressed or loses interest in usual

Skateboarding Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injury

Skateboarding is a common recreational sport among children that requires skill and practice. Skateboarding is not only for fun – it helps increase a child’s balance, agility, and coordination. However,


Are Bigger Vehicles Safer in a Collision?

When purchasing a vehicle, many buyers will focus on safety features and luxury aspects of the new vehicle. Considering the fact that more than 30,000 fatal car accidents occur

SUV driving in Chicago

SUV Rollover Accidents

Chicago SUV rollover accidents are very serious and often lead to life threatening injuries. In recent years, SUVs have become increasingly popular because of their

chicago car crash attorney airbags

How Air Bags Save Lives

There are a number of distracted, drunk, drugged, and aggressive drivers on the road, putting you at serious risk of injury. Over the past few

chicago car accident distracted driving

The Pokemon Go Craze

The original Pokémon craze of the 1990s has now been taken over by a bigger craze. Thanks to its more technologically advanced version, hunting for

baby's feet in mothers hands

What Causes Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s palsy is a condition that affects the facial nerves. Although not usually a long-term condition, it can lead to other serious complications. It is

Delivering Breech Babies via C-Section

If your child experienced a birth injury resulting from mishandling of a breech position, contact Willens Injury Law Offices. When a baby is in a

Infant brain injury attorney

Infant Brain Injury

Infant Brain Injury If a brain injury to your baby is due to a doctor failing to respond correctly, diagnose a condition, or pay attention

Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer

Cytotec Labor Injury

Cytotec Labor Injury If you were given Cytotec to induce labor and a birth injury occurred, call Willens Injury Law Offices today to discuss your

chicago worker compensation broken bones

Breaking a Bone in an Illinois Workplace Accident

Work-related accidents can occur in all kinds of workplaces. While some accidents cause no injuries, other accidents can leave a worker seriously injured and in need of prolonged

chicago auto wreck loss of consortium

Compensation for Loss of Consortium in Illinois

After experiencing a traumatic car accident, the intangible loss of comfort and normal life can severely damage a happy family. Many times, the term ‘loss of consortium’

chicago auto wreck lawyer car insurance

Discussion: Five Types of Auto Insurance

Choose your car insurance carefully and have adequate coverage in case an accident takes place. There are many options available for car insurance. Choose your

chicago car injury accident claims

When Your Friend Crashes Your Car

What happens when you let a friend drive your vehicle and they get in a car crash? We all have let someone else drive our car at

chicago auto crash chronic pain

Chicago Chronic Illness Attorneys

Chronic Illness Lawyers in Chicago, IL Trauma caused by a car accident can lead to chronic pain and illness that require long-term treatments. Rear-end collisions

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